Monday, December 31, 2012

A Crafty Christmas

Yes, I am a week late but better late than never :)

  I did manage to do a couple of crafty things during my Christmas break. One was decorating the clay ornaments I had made a couple weeks ago.
Sharpies worked really well on the baked Sculpey clay. My mom even helped me with some.

a little owl, multicolored star and gingerbread girl

We also mustered up the courage to tackle our mini canvases which was really fun. I don't think they turned out how either of us imagined but I'm still happy with them. I've always loved painting.
We are wanting to take another painting with a twist class again soon.

Mini art: Abstract heart is mine and Abstract view of a tree is my Mom's 

Our painting with a twist sunflowers

Also this was the first year I received presents from Etsy, it takes a little get used to but my Mom and I  have learned a lot from doing things with my shop. I was like a kid in a candy store, it was so cool to see the way everyone packaged everything and actually have the items in hand to see the awesome craftsmanship up close.
Me and my Katie Daisy Print

I also got a print from Nan Lawson, I'm not normally a huge cat fan, but this little guy just makes me
sucha cutie

I have always been interested in ceramics, a few years ago I was lucky enough to take a hand building ceramics class and became even more enamored with the artistry of it. One etsy artist in particular has intrigued me for a few years. Now I can say I own one of her awesome pieces!
I love porcelian
As I mentioned in the last post I also got this awesome Mindy Lacefield print. Color makes me so happy and so does her mixed media art.

Did you get anything handmade for Christmas? I'd love to hear about it :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekend Plans

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Since I didn't really take advantage of my long weekend last weekend, I am planning to take full advantage of my last one for awhile.
1. I'm going to see Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play a couple of messed up people. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but two of my good friends have said they really liked it and so I'm off to see it.

2. I'm going to Target and Half Priced Books as they are both having sales.

3. I'm going to bake. I need to do a test run of my grandma's cookie recipe. They are chocolate nut cookies that have vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I know it might sound weird and simplistic, but every part is a necessity and creates a symphony of flavor in your mouth. You have to refrigerate the dough overnight and the last 2 years I have failed to make cookies even remotely resembling hers, this year I hope for better results.

4. I'm make a list of my goals for 2013. A lot of them are the usual, get healthier, adhere to a budget, but I have done it before and I intend to get back there and be awesome once again lol. I am for the first time in a long time excited about the future, and that in itself is exciting.

5. Getting ready for my annual Christmas party with friends. We never have it on Christmas, one year because everyone's  schedule was so crazy we had it in July, but since then we have come closer to December each year and for that I am proud. I really want to have a theme party, not necessarily for this occasion, but this has truly inspired me.
6. I'd also like to get my art appreciation in. This is the last weekend the KAWS installation will be at the Modern. AND the Amon Carter is having an exhibit with artists from the 19th and 20th century with quite a few familiar names.
Georgia O'Keeffe

7. Also work some more on some new projects and stuff that I've already started. I recently drew my first complete fox, late at night when I was super tired. More often than not, things do not turn out well late at night, but I'm happy with how this turned out.
winter fox

Ok that's all for now, hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year! 2013 is gonna be great!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 5

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, here's what I'm excited about........

1. You may have heard about people doing 20 or 26 acts of kindness in honor of the Sandy Hook victims. Replacing tragedy and hate with kindness and love, I think that's a wonderful way to honor people and to remind others that good is still out there. I am still thinking about what I want to do.
I found a good link for some suggestions though :)

2. My dear friend got my this awesome pie mold for my birthday. I have often wanted to experiment with these mini molds but I've never bought one. Now I have an excuse to experiment!
and it's start shaped too!

3. Speaking of baking, I went on a plant based diet kick a few years ago. I felt awesome, had energy and enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. Not much of this is true anymore as I have fallen of the wagon and started eating fast food on a consistent basis again. But one thing I haven't stopped doing is indulging in the best brand I have found for heakthy baked goods. Immaculate Baking Company.
They don't use any artificial ingredients, and there organic and gluten free varieties. The ingredients they use are just amazing, and the pure flavor really shines through, no artificial aftertaste here.
I have only tried a couple of cookie varieties: regular chocolate chip and gingerbread spice but my favorite is TRIPLE CHOCOLATE! It's amazing!

And today I tried their gigantic cinnamon rolls, I would have taken a picture but I couldn't stop eating them lol
You will just have to take my word for it that they actually look like this out of the oven

Ok so a few years ago when I first discovered their line of products, I only saw them at my little local health store, than a larger health chain, now they are at Target and I saw the gingerbread ones in a huge pack at costco one year around the holidays. I encourage you to try them out with an open mind.
I'd start with the cinnamon rolls first :)

4. Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors, I really love Good Will Hunting  of course, and he's hilarious in all the Ocean movies and a great action star in the Bourne movies. Recently, I watched a family movie where he plays a dad in We Bought A Zoo. It was a really great performance, and good family film. But, I am really excited for Promised Land to come out. He plays a salesman for an natural gas company who travels to small farming towns to get the townspeople to let them drill.
Guess who plays the whistle blower farmer? John Kransinski! Yes, Jim from the Office. I'm really excited to see them go head to head. It's the same director as Good Will Hunting, so I've very interested to see how it will all play out. It's supposed to start playing everywhere Jan. 4th. Here's the trailer:

5. Zac Posen is becoming a judge on the next season of Project Runway. What can I say I love Zac Posen, he was just starting his label when I was in fashion school and I remember seeing his dresses on the front page of the the fashion section of my newspaper! He's very talented, young prodigy in the fashion world. He was 21 when he launched his label, his attention to detail is stunning. He really knows how to create dresses that add to a woman's beauty, and in this day and age it's hard to find a designer that doesn't have a gimmick. I'm going to have to expand on this some more in a different post, I need more room for more pictures :)

Happy Wednesday to you

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Snow at Christmas

Snow at Christmas is rare, even more of a feat when you live in Texas.
The weatherman said maybe 1 to 2 inches but I was skeptical and then like clock work the big fluffy flakes started pouring in. It's a really great snow perfect for making snowmen. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I am a very visual person, I very much enjoy videos. Luckily I go to a church who also enjoys a good video now and then and today I got to see two really great ones that I can't wait to share.

 This first one is so awesome! It's a time lapse painting. It's just amazing all the planning and practicing that went into the process of this. Anyway I think it's pretty cool.

This second one is from a Charles Spurgeon sermon. I love how eloquently people could express themselves back then. It really makes me want to expand my vocabulary.
This video is an excerpt from his Christmas Eve sermon in 1854. I like how it goes from rough sketch to full color.

And on a more silly note, one of my favorite Christmas movies, is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
I love his elf pal, the misfit toys, and the abominable snowman. I was so excited when I saw this hilarious new commercial featuring some of the cute cast....speed dating no less!

 Ok I hope you are feeling more into the Christmas spirit now, and are spending time with loved ones and friends :)
I hope to post a new Top 5 of various things soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Shopping Recap

I got to go to Northpark my favorite mall in DFW. It's got the best mix of high end and more affordable stores, not to mention a lot of my stores are close together. As I mentioned before I am on a boot quest and I tried on a couple of Born boots. I really thought I would end up with the almond toe, covered button style, but it was too narrow and the Attila boot was the winner.
still cute though

my new comfy cool boots
I completely blanked and did not get anything at Lush, one of my favorite stores. It's all natural and makes you feel awesome! I love the bubble bath, and the lotions and eventually I will splurge and buy hair stuff from them.

Lavender Bath Bomb

I also wanted to go to Anthropologie, because every year they send me a coupon for my birthday, you have to sign up though, I think in store, I couldn't find anything online. Over the years I have fallen hard for certain items at Anthro. Take this dress for example, exquisite fabric the print was awesome (swans) and the bodice detail was really pretty.

  But it was too short and too expensive and I didn't have an occasion to wear it so back to the store it went.  I have struggled with this birthday coupon dilemma year after year. I never can seem to justify spending 60 something dollars on a blouse.

This trip I fell in love with a pretty blouse and sweater that are out of my budget.
I love the colors
and the bodice is embroidered

Also this sweater was cute, it's kinda got a lot going on but I like the print and it was really soft
My favorite thing I wanted to get and it was on sale were these printed shirts, but they have received poor reviews online, as far the material being very thin and low quality. They are on sale though if you want to tempt it.
who doesn't love foxes?
I also found a very awesome sweater at H&M, I have been trying to find a soft sweater jacket with no wool, it makes me itchy and I can't stand it! Luckily H&M had just what I was looking for, which is exciting because it doesn't happen for me very often at all.  I like the colors of the sweater, my is purple of course. Pictures to follow soon :)

I'm happy I made these purchases, I think these will become staples in my wardrobe!
What about you have you done any shopping for yourself while shopping for others?

Monday, December 10, 2012

I almost forgot

I forgot to mention another great part of my day on Friday. I went to my favorite pie place and tried a new amazing holiday pie, Merry Berry. The sugary crust and tart cranberries made for a delicious contrast. It was still nice outside so we got to sit out on the porch and enjoy the sunshine, and now it's very cold outside lol
picture from
They also have other holiday pies, a coconut custard topped with coconut shavings appropriately named the snowball and a spiced chai buttermilk pie called buttermilk blizten. When and if I try another holiday variety, you all will be the first to know :)

I also got to watch a offbeat indie movie that's been in my netflix queue forever! Ruby Sparks, the tale of a lonely writer with writer's block who's dream girl he begins to write about comes to life.

The movie features on of my favorite actors Paul Dano, you may remember him as the misfit brother who takes a vow of silence in Little Miss Sunshine. His dream girl is played by his real life girlfriend
Zoe Kazan who actually wrote the screenplay. It's a somewhat interesting fantasy about what would happen if your dream person came to life. Would it be everything you ever wanted? What about after you got used to each other and normal life crept in? It reminded me a lot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which I really enjoy. It just kind of reminds you that everyone has their quirks and issues and it's a choice to make the best of it together.

On a random fabric side note, my awesome sewing buddy Jenn has the cutest little boy who happens to love Perry the platypus  and I found some great flannel fabric for some pajama pants! I know she'll do a great job, she's the best seamstress I know. I wish I had more patience to sew clothes. I can't wait to see him rockin' his flannel pants :)
the print kinda looks like this

I also finally got to see the Neiman Marcus Target collaboration in person at my local Target, as usual with most of the collaborations some items looked less impressive in person than in the stylized photography online. I like the Carolina Herrera notebook set but $20 is a little pricey, maybe if they go sale but we'll see.

Also the "home is where the heart is" print is in the shop now. Ready to personalized :)
What about you? Done anything new or exciting? Seen any good movies? Fell in love with something from the latest Target collaboration? I'd love to hear about it :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

weekend fun

I finally got to go see the Chihuly installation we have been trying to go since October and I was so afraid it was going to be cold by December, but you know what they say about Texas weather....just wait and it will change. It was a lovely sunny day, the plants and flowers were beautiful and the sculptures were amazing, my favorite was this one. It was a really great way to celebrate my birthday, I want to find a documentary on Chihuly very soon!

Then I tried making clay ornaments a fun holiday craft idea provided by one of my favorite blogs.
The sculpey clay was hard to roll out but it was fun, I haven't decorated them yet with paint pens but it's a little more fancy than paper tags and it's not much more effort YAY!

I used some glitter and red clay on my candy cane  

Then I made some red velvet mini bundt cakes with Sprinkles mix. I am sending them to family, without my awesome cream cheese frosting but the cake is so excellent that I think they will still be pleased.

Now that my birthday is over I'm gearing up for Christmas. I think I am pretty much done shopping now I just have to start decorating :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laughter and Love

You know when your favorite episode of a show comes on? I love when that happens and Monday night it was two for one!
First 30 Rock, the Valentine's day episode from season 4. Liz is alone and is having a procedure at the dentist, everyone is busy desperately trying to pair off in time for Valentine's day, but she is standing firm and proud in her single-ness. Even though she needs someone to drive her home after the dentist, she forgoes finding someone and ends up incapacitated and without transportation. She hallucinates and thinks all of her ex-boyfriends are there to pick her up, but Jack her boss ends up taking her home.

I also love The Big Bang Theory, one of my favorite episodes from season 3 is the Adhesive Duck Deficiency. Penny falls and slips in the shower dislocating her shoulder, Sheldon her neighbor who is not good with people or normal situations is the only one to help her get to the hospital. Hilarity ensues. LOL I love when he presents her with clothing options and she decides on there acceptability as an outfit.  AND soft kitty sung in a round!

My apologies if you are not a fan of either show. On a different note, a few of my friends have gotten married, or moved into their first home this year and it got me thinking about a special way to commemorate such a milestone. When I think of how happy and cute my friends are together, it makes me want to make something just as happy and cute as they are. Thus the "home is where the heart is" print was born. I came up with a few color combos and used my friends' initials as examples. What do you think? If you have suggestions, comments, and/or opinions.... I would love to hear them. It will be available to personalize in the shop soon :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthdays and Boots

Today's my birthday and I was quite surprised by my dear coworkers to receive the most wonderful and unexpected gift. Which I think is the best things about birthdays :)
As you might know I was previously gushing about Marc Jacobs cute little creatures.
And guess what I got?!
The cutest little bunny ever!

I will do more celebrating this weekend, which will hopefully include Chihuly, pie and possible crafts, we shall see what happens. I also broke down and bought some boots last weekend, Macy's seems to be the only one having really great sales, at least on what interested on anyway. I mentioned both of these pairs in a previous post. I wanted something pretty and comfortable .......that's where Bitsy came in. I got a cheaper b.o.c. pair first but they weren't as comfortable and the leather wasn't as nice.

Born does a really good job as far as comfort and construction go, but even though these boots are kinda wide at the calf you still have to have a mini wrestling match to zip them up even with skinny jeans.. so I will still be thinking about whether I will keep them or not. I kinda want a boot without so much heel and have been looking at these too.
Victorian meets equestrian

And these are pretty too, a little moto feel with all the buckles.

Also I'm pretty obsessed with this whole studding trend and I got caught up and bought these yesterday. But they aren't really comfortable and kinda pricey for man-made material in my opinion. I know you are paying for the hardware but still. I think these are going back.
please disregard my disheveled jeans ;)
I think they look cuter when you aren't wearing them.

Also I saw these awhile back in person and I'm starting to fall for them again as I see them all over online. So continues the boot saga.
Love suede and glitter combo    

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