Friday, September 27, 2013

Mustard Yellow

One of my most favorite colors for fall is mustard yellow, it's just so warm and festive and looks awesome on every complexion!!! Nothing says fall like a little mustard yellow in your wardrobe, here are some of my current favs

Striped Socks- so cute with the scallop detail
Long Cardigan- I love the sweet detail on the back, and it looks so are mixed
Pea Coat- I love mustard paired with pale pink and coral, yes coral goes with everything
Fox Print- Nan Lawson captures the awesomeness of Mr. Fox..I love this print so much!
Suede Flat- I love the whip stitch detail
Ziptop Clutch- again with the pops of coral and pale pink..I love this combo

What colors are you excited about for Fall?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday Fun

It was my coworker's birthday, and I wanted to try something a little bit different for the cake, so I made strawberry cream cheese frosting with yellow cake. It was easy and really tasty. I looked for a recipe and it said to add 1/2 cup of mashed strawberries(drained)  and blend into the cream cheese frosting. It was so nice to bake something again, I love being in the kitchen :)
I added bits of chunky strawberry in between the frosted layers of cake and had fun with a little heart shaped garnish.

strawberry goodness

I used a small paring knife to make the heart shape. I think I will make more fruit shapes in the future it's just too cute :)

I also had a drawing in mind for a card, that I spent a couple days sketching out by hand, and after many failed attempts, I did a quick digital sketch and was finally happy with the result.

I just love birthdays and making people feel special. Have you made anything fun for friend's birthdays lately? Happy Tuesday to you!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art In Unexpected Places

I love going to museums to look at art, it really recharges my creative batteries. I love being surrounded by color.... to see other people's perspectives and interpretations on things. A couple weeks ago when I was traveling to see family, I was happy to see an art exhibit right in the airport terminal! Granted it is a very tiny airport, but it was still fun to wander around it and be relax before I got on a plane. My favorite pieces were works of Van Gogh painted on paint chips with the same title.... pretty clever and fun :)
See more of Todd Johnson's paint chip paintings here

Starry Nights by Todd Johnson

Sunflowers II by Todd Johnson

I love paintings of the sky, there are so many color combinations of sunlight and clouds, it's just always calming and relaxing.

"At the Closing of the Day" by Roy McCullough

Another piece I thought was intriguing was "Emotions" by Jacene England, they are ceramic faces full of expression, I really like how different they all are. Clay is such an awesome medium the more I learn about it, the more I see that the possibilities are endless.

Have you experienced art in an unexpected place lately?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Candy Corn Cutie

In anticipation for Fall, I've started thinking about Halloween drawings and creatures, and I was playing with the idea of a cute little candy corn.

I was thinking about how playful and fun she looked with appendages but at the last minute decided to go against it when I whipped up my plush prototype.

This was my first experience with printable fabric, it feels like a canvas type material. Just print, peel off the paper backing and your ready to sew. I'm so glad my friend, let me have some of this fabric to experiment with. I think I'm kind of addicted now, and I'm thinking about more creatures and animals and maybe seeing how things come out on Spoonflower, for better wear and tear and color representation.

I used some candy corn fabric for the back side, I got on clearance a few months ago at Cabbage Rose, they have a great selection of everything, I love to go there and explore and dream about possible projects.
back view

Anyway I'm excited for Fall and for Halloween, what Fall projects have you been working on lately?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Navy & Coral

I really love coral it's just so happy and bright. When you pair with a classic like navy it's a breath of fresh air. Here is my navy and coral wishlist.

1. From Fossil, I know this a little more on the orange side but its a nice bright transition into fall
2. From Anthropologie, I love it as a stripe combo paired with a floral pattern
3. From EardropsByLacey, also looks great with gold
4. From Gap, I like the color combo as solids paired together

What colors are you into lately?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Commercial Happiness

It's the little things that make you smile....these are some commercials that have been making me smile lately. Hope they make you smile and brighten your day :)
Here's to getting through this short week and on to a relaxing weekend!!!

Hamsters work out and rock out

Little kid with a comb over = priceless

Any commercials or marketing silliness caught your eye lately? Hope you have a wonderful Friday :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Moments

I had a whirlwind of a weekend, I went to visit family and it was so good to see everyone! It's one thing to catch up on the phone and on facebook but it's so good to see your family in person. It was so nice to finally meet little ones I had only seen in pictures and get to see their cute little personalities in action, those nice little moments that turn into memories.

My grandfather meeting his newest great grandchild

I also got to test out a drawing app for ipad. I have been wanting to do this for months!!! It was so great to get to sketch with my finger and paint and mix the colors together. I had done research previously and was interested in Sketchbook Pro, but it has a lot a tools and I just wanted something that I already knew that I could just jump in and use so I went with Adobe Ideas.

This is my winter bear sketch, I went kinda crazy with the scarf and the hat  experimenting with texture and layering.

Flowers are always fun to draw :)

I used different tools on this drawing. the paintbrush has a fine pointed tip which I used on the flower. On parts of hummingbird, I  used the marker tool which has a thicker line to it.

I only had a couple days to play with it, I can't imagine how awesome it would be to try drawing with a stylus. Have you used any new apps or techniques in your projects?

On a side note this is my 100th post, glad I got to cross of a long time goal of testing out a drawing app and share some new sketches :) Hope you have a great week!

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