Friday, February 13, 2015

Ideal Day

Hello I know I haven't posted in a while I got distracted with projects and work and life in general :)

Let's talk about an ideal day, what does that look like for you? An ideal, fun day for me would be enjoying some art, shopping at a fun store like Anthropologie (especially when they are having a sale) and adding to my fabric stash. I did just that over my holiday break, here are some of the highlights.

 I first went to Anthropologie, hoping a little to find something but I rarely do. I found a cute top that wasn't on sale (but now it is!)

AND I found this cute warm sweater moto jacket ON SALE, that actually makes me look pretty good I think especially since I've gained some weight and tried moto jackets in the past that just didn't work with my figure. I love the sweater cuffs and lace lining in the back and functioning pockets
YAY!!!! Anthropologie victory :)

I went to see the highly anticipated "Faces of Impressionism" exhibit at the Kimbell Museum in Ft. Worth. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be but I discovered a few new pieces that are new favorites.  From Renoir and Van Gogh

I love the main building the exterior concrete walls are so fun and the main sculpture that welcomes you into the museum makes me happy!!! 
the view off to the side on my way into the museum

and facing the street from the museum entrance

Thirdly, I went to Cabbage Rose an awesome fabric store close to the museum.
I found some great fat quarters in complementary colors for a new project I'm working on and of course some adorable soft flannel in lovely colors!!!

I started making a patchwork owl but then I got distracted with other things as always ;)

That's my ideal fun day......what about you?
If you want to keep up with my projects and what not you can also check my instagram @floatingthrufields (which now has a link in my side bar YAY :)

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