Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recharge

Even though it was rainy, cloudy and cold this weekend, I still managed to get outside and enjoy the cold weather.
I went to the Nasher and got to see the Ken Price exhibit, from the pictures and style I was assuming it was large sculptures made of out plastic or something, but I was amazed to learn it was ceramic.

This was my favorite piece, I love the color combination and texture, it kinda reminds me of something flower like.

I like the color combo on this too
His finishing technique is really interesting, he would paint multiple layers on and then sand them down to create and textured effect, it's really amazing to see in person, it's hard to wrap your brain around it. Even though I have worked a little with ceramics, I was baffled and intrigued.

Ken working with the clay
He started putting his own spin on a more traditional vessel, and created a very large series of cups.
I really like the ones with animal touches. This was a retrospective exhibit, I always love to see how people start out and grow as artist, how one idea transforms into another. Like for example one of his earlier cups was one with a snail, and then later his style became more geometric and rigid with bright colors and angles.

I always love being immersed in other people's work, it gives me hope and motivation to keep pursuing and what's important to me.

I wish my backyard was this awesome. All lush and green with big trees and sculptures, it's so calm and relaxing out there. I love it :)

We decided to go to the new park that recently open, it's built over a large highway, and there was food trucks! Even though it was cold, we decided to get ice cream sandwiches from Cool Haus.

double chocolate cookie with vanilla bean ice cream  

Then I went over to the DMA to take pictures of my favorite part of the museum, the glass sculpture installation that's arranged in the front window, it looks like Chihuly but I'm not sure.

love the colors

In short, I had a great weekend and got my batteries recharged. What's your favorite weekend activity to get your batteries recharged? Happy Monday to you!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

pretty in purple

Purple is my favorite color, but I like it paired with other colors too. For example the pattern in this Anthropologie blouse, that I mentioned previously.

I love the water color feel of the pattern and the awesome embroidery panel

I paired the top with my Target Mossimo skinny jeans in dark purple. Similar colors here

Also while shopping for flip flops this weekend, I was easily sidetracked and ended up looking at sneakers, and I fell in love with these
in purple of course
Woven sneakers?! How cool is that? I thought it very unique, so after reading some good reviews I ordered them. I got them today. I didn't really like them. Woven indeed... the shoe doesn't really give, and the shoe as a whole doesn't bend as much as the Nike Free, so I'm going to return them.

The Free on the other hand, is so comfortable it feels like you are walking on a cloud, or in super comfy house shoes. I love them, if you're gonna spend serious money on sneakers I would highly recommend these.

And on a fashion side note, how do you feel about sneaker wedges?
I like that Nike has taken a retro approach.
Two tone

Slight Pattern

 I think I kinda like the idea of it just because it's a more trendy interpretation of a sneaker, and I live in sneakers. I haven't tried a pair on yet though. What do you think? Do you have a pair?

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 5

It's almost officially Spring and it's been really nice this week, all the spring flowers and trees are starting to bloom.

1. I always love geraniums in the spring and phlox are so pretty too. I also found this Dr. Seuss looking plant that has cute little happy blooms.

2. Jennifer Lawrence on SNL and Hunger Games fashion.
Yes, I'll admit I got sucked into the Hunger Games series, and when I saw this article online that featured pictures from the new movie, I was so excited! I love the over the top fashion, it only seems right that Alexander McQueen would make an appearance!

from style barron

Back in January, Jennifer hosted SNL, I missed it the 1st time around but got to catch a rerun this weekend and that did a pretty funny Hunger Games spoof, see it here. I can't wait for the new movie to come out.

3. Walk the Light Festival. It was the 1st time I went to this local art festival over the weekend, I always love looking at all the booths and seeing what everyone is creating and selling. My friend and fellow crafter was a seller, and I was so happy to finally snag one of her adorable finger puppets.
She gives them such a personality with their adorable little expressions. She's also a really wonderful seamstress with an eye for detail and she does amazing chair makeovers.

cutest bunny ever :)

one of her awesome chair redos

4. It's been a while since I've seen a cute kids movie, March is known as being a month for not so great movies, you are done with Oscar nominated films and waiting for the summer action movies to come out. The Croods, is about a family of cave people, who are trying to make their way to safety, because the world might be ending. The creatures and colors are awesome, and Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds voice some of the characters  and oh yeah there's the cutest cartoon sloth you've ever seen in your life.

5. Drawing more. It was one of my coworker's birthdays, and he's always wearing a newsboy cap, so I had to make a cute little owl cake topper for his cake :)
And bunnies seem to be my go to lately. Magical Day Dream has a really fun random list of things to draw when you can't think of anything. I've printed the list to take with me to work so I can draw on my lunch break YAY!

What are you excited about lately, hope you are having nice weather too :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shoe Love

I know most girls can relate to "love at first sight" when it comes to shoes. It doesn't happen to me very often but when does I get a little obsessed and start planning outfits around the shoes. This latest shoe crush is truly a wearable work of art.

Yes, I drew a fun little doodle

I think what I really love about these shoes is the mix of materials: the suede, the watercolor print, and the cork. The elements play off each other and compliment one another in an unexpected way. What can I say, I'm a sucker for water color prints, Impressionism is my favorite genre of painting and I'm often wearing Vera Wang's watercolor prints. I also love the tiny curve around the front opening it's so adorably retro.

This lovely shoe is by Tracy Reese and available (at where else) Anthropologie. What's even better it comes in two very different colorways. A playful weekend one, and a little more serious work appropriate one. Bright colors are my favorite so I'm pretty sure if I had to pick only one pair it would be the bright ones, but I really like the blush/gray combo too. But alas I am not coordinated enough for 3.5" heels and I'm already 5.9" tall so I'm pretty sure I would feel ridiculous towering over everyone.

On to the outfits:
These shoes have so much wonderfulness going on it's best to let them take the focal point of the outfit. I think a simple black dress is a safe option, the contrast would really make them stand out.
from asos

I also like a nice cobalt blue mixing with the green suede of the shoe.
from gap

The other colorway, the gray and blush could dressed up or down.

from anthro
This next dress is probably a little to matchy, but I love it anyway, Supyana has been one of my favorite designer for quite a while and her prints and her attention to detail are awesome.
from Supyana
Which color do you like better? Got your eye on a cute pair of shoes? Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daschund Lover

I am an avid dog lover and dachshunds are my favorite. Over the past few days in one way or another dachshunds have popping up here and there........ sometimes a post just writes itself :)

In the Anthropologie catalog, it comes in other prints too.

so cute :)

The other day I was looking for color standards at work, and I'm not ashamed to say that this discovery made my day.

Dachshund = brown lol
I also spotted this cute retro pin on etsy. I love how stylized the shape of the dog is, I think it would look great on a winter pea coat.

Even at Target in the Valentine's Day assortment, they had weenie dog decor, some of which is on clearance now. I got this cute frame in the store a while ago.

Me and Alize in the Bluebonnets

And if I had money to blow on something frivolous but still kinda practical, I would get this clutch wallet. I love Ted Baker :)

A dog closure is the coolest!

Ok so my geeking out over dachshund related things has come to end for now :) Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top 5

Here's my top 5 things I'm excited about right now.

1. I got to take a painting class with my friends this past weekend, it was really great to hang out and do something different together, and it's always fun to see how everyone's painting will turn out. Everyone has their own style :)

2. I get pretty obsessed when I discover new music or a new song I really like. I am really into the band Ruth right now. They are upbeat, and experiment with genres, and their lyrics are endearing :)
AND I really love their covers EP. I love when people put their own spin on pop songs, with the exception of Christmas songs lol. No one should redo Wham's "Last Christmas" because the original is perfect but I digress ;)

3. Springtime and new plants. I have been looking at these succulents for a while and I finally got some at Home Depot the other day :) And I got some new seeds too! I love spreading seeds it's always a wonderful surprise to see what will come up.

Neon green = happiness

4.  Yes, I love children's movies, and this is the best trailer I have seen in a long time. Is it summer yet?

5. I also love my British comedies and I've become pretty avid fan of Doc Martin. He was a successful surgeon in London who becomes a GP in a sleepy little seaside town, where everybody and I mean, everybody knows each others' business. It didn't come on PBS this weekend and I was going through withdrawal, but Hulu saves the day! They have a ton of episodes and I got to catch up on the 1st season which I totally missed. I will admit at first I wasn't that impressed but it kinda sneaks up on you and once you get to know the characters it's completely hilarious :)

Hope you have a wonderful week, I'm going to try to be more disciplined this week and make more time for projects that have been swirling around in my head.

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