Sunday, May 15, 2016

Summer POPS!


Long time -no blogging. What can I say I got really distracted with instagram and had nothing fun to share. I thought it was time I did a fun fashion round up about ice pops or popsicles depending on where you're from :)

I've been in love with this watercolor ice cream/pop print (Kate Spade bag #2) since a saw it a few months ago.
What sounds better in the summer time  than a cold refreshing popsicle. It's officially summer in Texas,  it hit over 90 the other day so yeah that's my marker........anything past the 80's and you can't call it spring anymore! I love a happy, fun print and what's more fun then ice pops in the summer time.
Here's my round up:

1. tiny ice pop print shirt dress
2. watercolor ice cream/pop print tote bag
3.  ice pop earrings
4.  colorful frozen treat print dress 
5.  summer treats tee
6. ice pop coin purse
7. ice pop print long sleeve top

I really love Kate Spade's whimsical girly details that make life so colorful and fun :)
It inspired me to a fun colorful print of my own. Which is now in my shop.

What are you excited about this summer?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

blog anniversary

February marks my blog anniversary, four years I can't believe it! I've made a lot of progress on some of my projects others not so much but I'm excited for where this year will take me and what I can get accomplished :)
I started this blog to share my progress on my creative endeavors and my thoughts on fashion and baking so here's what I'm excited about now

I'm trying to move out of my comfort zone I really like girly dresses in theory but in reality don't like my legs too much, my solution tunic with leggings perfect for winter or whatever were having this season ;) I really like this printed one I got on sale  at old navy. I love happy bold prints :)

Im trying to take the time to celebrate the seasons I got into Valentine's day by designing cute little valentines with corny messages

And I drew my dogs in cartoon version and made a strawberry cake with sprinkle designs - hello cookie cutter as a stencil hack :)

Oscar season is upon us and while I'm behind on my must see movie list I was so happy I got the chance to see Brooklyn the costumes are a dream and Saoirse Ronan gorgeous in the clothes of the era and gives an amazing performance! It inspires me to do a retro drawing project :)

Girl Scout Cookie season has snuck up on me. I'm trying not to bust into my thin mints just yet, I love them from the freezer nothing like frozen minty chocolate-y goodness and this week in particular I think thin mints really do make everything better :) Here's the link 

That's what's new with me. I hope to write better content this year, more DIY posts and fashion round ups and fun recaps of new projects!

What's new with you?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Birthday Fun

My ideal birthday celebration would include art, food, fabric and friends of course! This weekend I got to enjoy all those things because I planned a belated birthday fun day for myself  and think I will schedule it for January next year as well. You need something to get you out of the Christmas doldrums lol

Here's what we did! I've been looking forward to the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at the Modern Museum of Art, for quite a while. I had seen a couple pieces of his work there before a few years ago for the first time. I was captivated by his use of pattern and photo realistic portraits. Here's me with my friends and some of my favorite pieces from the show

The painting with her back turned to the viewer and this last one with the blue flowers are my favorites :)
If you are interested in his process, I highly recommend this pbs documentary that is about this very exhibit it was kinda cool, to know the steps that go into the finished piece and to see which past works of art he reimagines and gets inspiration from.

Then we tried a fun burger place called Rodeo Goat!  The burgers are huge and have fun and I tersting toppings and sauces, and homemade chips and tasty fries. They gave veggie and turkey burgers too, lots of options sure to please everyone.
I also saw a Great Dane wearing a purple sweatshirt for a human lol it was so cute and hilarious at the same time. This is my sketch of her just had to document it! 

Then we went to cabbage rose, a fabric store that is probably the best one in Ft. Worth, in my opinion.  fabric as far as the eye can see,  mostly quilting cotton, all the popular designers, Amy butler, mica, etc. and they have coated canvas, flannel, fleece in awesome prints and they have patterns and notions too! I'll quit gushing here's their website take a look for yourself. I could spend hours in there pouring over every bolt and dreaming of possible projects :) ps and by the way they are having an end of year sale 35% off ;)

Here's what I got, I'm really obsessed with floral as it turns out both in fabric and in art, I think the kehinde exhibit inspired my purchase :)

I hope to make some skirts sewn to a store bought knit top. I've been saying that for years but I really want this year to be forward moving and actually doing things I want to do instead of being afraid to fail.... More on that later.  What is your ideal day?

New inspiration and new projects

I love going to museums and admiring some of my favorite artists and discovering new ones too! My goal for this year was to visit a diffe...