Sunday, May 15, 2016

Summer POPS!


Long time -no blogging. What can I say I got really distracted with instagram and had nothing fun to share. I thought it was time I did a fun fashion round up about ice pops or popsicles depending on where you're from :)

I've been in love with this watercolor ice cream/pop print (Kate Spade bag #2) since a saw it a few months ago.
What sounds better in the summer time  than a cold refreshing popsicle. It's officially summer in Texas,  it hit over 90 the other day so yeah that's my marker........anything past the 80's and you can't call it spring anymore! I love a happy, fun print and what's more fun then ice pops in the summer time.
Here's my round up:

1. tiny ice pop print shirt dress
2. watercolor ice cream/pop print tote bag
3.  ice pop earrings
4.  colorful frozen treat print dress 
5.  summer treats tee
6. ice pop coin purse
7. ice pop print long sleeve top

I really love Kate Spade's whimsical girly details that make life so colorful and fun :)
It inspired me to a fun colorful print of my own. Which is now in my shop.

What are you excited about this summer?


Lisa Favre said...

I've been obsessed with ice pops recently. I want to figure out how to make some of my own but I love that ice pop change purse you featured.

Alicia Mackin said...

First it was pineapples now it is ice pops. That coin purse is too cute!


Kyla said...

I didn't realize people didn't call these popsicles everywhere, ha! I really love those earrings. And your print is so cute!

simply bev said...

Cute and so summery!


That ice lolly t-shirt is simply amazing! I love it! x

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