Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year New Goals

I am taking advice from A Beautiful Mess, and making simple, achievable goals so I can implement new practices easier and be less likely to fail because they aren't complicated and lofty.

1. Eat 1 serving of fruit and veggies a day. A couple years ago, as I have said before, I went on a plant based diet kick, no processed foods, and no meat. I really enjoyed the flavors of food more and I had energy and felt better and lost weight. Since then I haven't really been planning meals or interested in cooking. I am hoping to change that in 2013. One serving of fruit is easy, I cut up an apple to eat at work later, it's filling and good for you. Then my one veggie at dinner will mean I have to start planning better for meals. We are thinking about what we are going to have in our garden so I am excited, it's always more fun to eat fresh produce that you have grown yourself. I know this will impact my life in a huge way because I have been successful before. I will eat less drive thru, and unhealthy stuff which will beneficial to my wallet and my waistline.
I like to add cute personality to everything :)

2. Set aside time to draw twice a week. I have noticed lately, even though I have been busier at work and distracted with the holidays, I have not been setting aside time for  myself to draw and just be creative. I am most creative in my sewing room, I just rock out to my ipod, there is no tv, so less distraction. I always feel creative when I am in my spot. Lately though I have been watching tv and trying to draw at the same time, it doesn't work as well. I know I feel better when I make myself separate and go to my special spot with no distractions, and my end result is better because I am focusing only on that. I know if I do it at least twice a week, it will be more of a habit and maybe I will get even more done.
Scribbly owl

3. Do more sewing. I got kind of burned out with sewing lately, mostly softie wise. But lately, I have been thinking more and more about different clothing alterations I want to do, or embellishments.
I have not wanted to sew clothes in a really long time,( even though I majored in fashion design lol)
so I am going to take advantage of that. Make my own version of things I see at Anthropologie for example: appliqued tops or embellished jeans.
sequined V neck and star printed jeans from Gap

Lace inset pullover
metallic star pullover
4. Plan for the future and enjoy the present. I really want to go on vacation, possibly to Europe this is going to take a lot of planning and a lot of saving, but I'm excited to have something I'm actively working towards. I haven't really been on a vacation since I was in school, I went to England for spring break. Life gets busy and often I don't take advantage of opportunities, so I'm going to try to start doing that more, hanging out with friends and doing crafts or having a theme party.  Just making more of a deliberate effort to enjoy every day.
I really love Dior and British cabs, I took this at Buckingham Palace

me (I'm on the far left) and some friends on a lion in Trafalgar Square

Find Joy in the small things concept sketch
two friends hanging out on a swing set, a concept I started working on last spring

5. Decorate and appreciate my space. I don't really decorate, I've been just kind of lazy and not really interested. I have done my share of DIY revamping and painting and I never really thought it was worth the effort until recently. I finally framed some prints I bought on etsy, and I'm excited to do more with my room, maybe even paint an accent wall! I have quite a few new prints from Christmas, and I'm slowly adding elements that I think will add to my happiness and inspiration. I'm also working on organization on my terms this is a slow but steady process lol.
I love Tim's Sally expressive use of color

What are some of your goals for 2013? Happy New Year Everyone!


Meg said...

I love all of these resolutions!! Happy 2013 to you :-) Xo

Introverted Art said...

Happy 2013. Hope you achieve all your resolutions.

Anonymous said...

Nice goals! I'd love to also carry through with the drawing goal.


floating thru fields said...

thanks girls Happy New Year to you as well and good luck with your goals :)

Jennifer said...

i hope you achieve your goals!

xo Jennifer


Erica Hartmann said...

Happy 2013!

I've just discovered your blog!


floating thru fields said...

Thanks Jennifer and Erica, nice of you to stop by :)

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