Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Funny Girl Fashion

In honor of Tuesday night comedies with a female lead, I thought I would do a fun fashion post.
Featuring Zooey Deschanel of New Girl and Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project, both very funny and fashionable girls with unique styles and sense of humor.

Zooey is known for her love of vintage dressing, and her new capsule collection with Tommy Hilfiger, does a wonderful job of blending nautical flair, with a mod feel and a touch of vintage details.

see more sketches here

I think this dress is my favorite, it's kind of timeless and the two tone is on trend without overwhelming details.

see more here

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I love her girly details, like the printed peekaboo pleats!!!

And her cute little penny loafer mini bag

And on to Mindy, I like her eclectic, everyday career woman wardrobe mixed with affordable trendy pieces, and pieces you can only dream about...
love the kate spade bow skirt

the best shirt ever! and DIY here

Another example is this beautifully gorgeous white dress with blue flowers, so awesome and elegant in fact that Kate Middleton wore it in the same week!
I think they both look great :)

Who's style do you admire?
 Any fashion collections you are excited about lately?
links from here and here

Friday, April 18, 2014

Show & Tell Week 5

I've gotten behind on my show and tell my posts!
My friend Jenn's show and tell was spur of the moment, as her 5 year old lost his first tooth! So she made him a tooth fairy pillow!

Clifford is pretty great :)

and this one has a cool tooth applique!!!

 I was working on turning drawings into a stuffed animal again.

Here's my stuffed animal version, it took me a couple tries to sketch it on the fabric like I wanted but I am pleased with how it came out.

That's what we have been up to lately, trying to get new projects done and put new stuff in our shops, it's always a work in progress :) What have you been working on or excited about lately?

I've also got a new bunny items in the shop! Happy Easter Everyone :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspiration & Loss

I think God brings amazing people in our lives at critical moments because He knows we need a little help or encouragement, sometimes you don't recognize how special relationships are until life changes and you don't have them anymore. But what stays with you are lessons and memories that you have for the rest of your life.

The past few weeks have been difficult as my Grandpa passed away and it was also the 6 year anniversary of the passing of my high school mentor and basketball coach.

My grandfather, was thoughtful and kind, was also a huge encouragement to me, he lived a very full life and had many hilarious and interesting stories to tell from his 98 years of life. I know what a blessing it was to have him in my life for so long and I am so thankful for that.  Encouragement and interest from a grandparent is always so special and I'm so happy to have that for so long.

one of my favorite pics of us together

I was never super interested in sports until I discovered basketball in junior high, I wasn't very good starting out, but my wonderful Coach molded and encouraged us, and pushed us hard, because she saw potential in us, that I don't think we even saw in ourselves. Eventually after a couple of seasons we got better and everyone's strengths started to emerged and we became better because we relied on each other and worked as a team(we even made it to state). As we got older and graduated she still encouraged us, and believed in us as we began new chapters in our lives. I still struggle with her loss to this day, but I try to focus on the awesome memories I have and think about ways I can impact people and encourage people like she did.

her smile was always contagious

a yearbook page from my senior year

These two people that were so different, made such a huge impact in my life and while it is natural to be sad at their passing I know I will see them again.

I am reminded that we all have a purpose, God has blessed everyone with special gifts, things that you are good at, talents that you can use to help and encourage those around you. You will never know what a huge impact a little effort can make to encourage someone to help someone in some way that you are capable of because of your skill because of the talent God has blessed you with. As a terrible procrastinator, I am challenging myself to be more deliberate and make time to intentionally help & encourage others. I'm trying to remind myself to not put things off and do them later. Because whether you have 33 years or 98 they go by in the blink of eye, so make it count and try to encourage those around you.<3  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Target Finds

I haven't been shopping at Target very often since the breach, I still buy groceries, but I have severely cut out the superfluous little random items, that are so enticing at Target. Even after reading this buzzfeed list, I thought yeah that's not me anymore.......  well that lasted for a couple months lol.

Here's what I found at a smaller Target, that's not super close to my house, and I probably visit it once or twice a year. I'm so excited to share the cute items I found with you :)

 As you might know I am sucker for banners, it's instant festiveness and a pop of happy!
I had wanted to make a simple heart banner for Valentine's Day and that didn't happen, so when I saw this bunny banner I snatched it up! It was so adorable, and who doesn't love burlap? Now, I could have made this myself, I'm ashamed to say I have burlap fabric in my stash and as an avid crafter, I felt a slight pang of guilt for not putting it down and vowing to make it myself. But sometimes you need some pre-made happy. This burlap bunny banner is from their awesome Threshold line.

I couldn't find it online, but I took a picture of the box so if you are interested you know what to look for :) I found it on an endcap in the housewares section.

The second amazing find was a set of three journals, perfect for tech geek in your life.
It was one of those things, that makes you stop in your tracks and go back and re-examine. I must admit I am a bit of a tech geek and this was just too hilarious to pass up. Especially since I had never seen it before at any of the Targets I regularly visit. I found this in the gift section by the party stuff/gift bags, it's a random smattering of stuff that kind of reminds me of the impulse buys they have at Urban Outfitters.

 I couldn't find these online either but the brand is called green inspired, just wanted to show you the back of the package so you know what to look for at your store. Here are the green inspired products that do show up online I have the trio of traveling notebooks I keep for notes on the go :)

And because this Target was on the small side, on the opposite side of the aisle I spied the awesome Oh Joy! party collection!!!

I have admired Oh Joy! for a very long time, she has amazing books on starting your business and blogging and she really sets the bar high in the blogging world.
If you don't know her, go and discover her immediately! Her awesome design aesthetic and eye for color, come together in this lovely, adorable party collection. I had to grab the scallop party hats with gold dots, they are so adorable they make me want to plan a party around them lol.
And I thought they were a steal at $3.00 for 8 hats in different colors.

What have you found at Target lately that you were really excited about? Have you been shopping there a lot?

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