Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4 bunnies and 1 owl

I mentioned I was sewing again, softies for friends and family. I finished a baby owl for a friend who is welcoming her own baby soon. This was my first fleece owl, I had made some plush owls before with cotton fabric and fabric markers.

And on a side note doesn't Target have the cutest gift cards? I love the novelty shaped ones and they always have fun patterned ones too.

On to the bunnies, I have been interested in bunnies for a while now.  I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to make a plush bunny. Here are my previous attempts.

first attempt   

second attempt

I took a break for a while and then started sewing late at night and came up with a unbalanced cartoonish fellow on the left, but it really helped me work out my issues and I came up with the prototype on the right. So it was overall a good learning experience.

I wanted to make a bunny for my little cousin who broke her leg, so I made a bunny with cast on her leg too so they can get better together :)

I just used a strip of fleece and tied around the leg to emulate a cast. It's not pictured but you get the idea. I would have liked to add more detail to the face and ears, but I lost a lot of time being sick and I didn't want to wait too long.
Bunny tail

Close up of the face, in previous versions I was hand stitching all facial details, but I used the machine more, it was kind of nerve racking but I'm happy with the embroidery and machine stitch combo.

 That's all my sewing adventures for now. I'd very much like to make major progress on my drawings projects so that's my goal for this week. Hope you have a fantastic Thursday :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love ceramics

I've always loved the idea of making pottery, how cool is it that you can make something beautiful and useful from basically mud. I really enjoy tactile activities and making things with my hands, as a kid I was always secretly hoping for one of those potter's wheel kits they sell at the toy store.
what would we do without Amazon?

I finally got to take my 1st pottery class a few years ago, it was hand building class and I learned about different kinds of clay, glazes, and different techniques. I had a habit of making things too thick which often resulted in explosions in the kiln, much to my dismay. I really like making vessels to hold things: bowls, mini pots, and vases shaped like creatures. I still would really love to take a throwing class, and I think I'm going to make it a goal for this year.

a cup for my Q tips and a purple vessel for my cotton balls

a carved owl couple

one of my vase creatures

The great thing about etsy is you can discover so many different techniques and beautiful work in one place. Here are some of my favorites:
Jeff Campana is one of the 1st ceramic artists I've discovered on etsy, I love his use of lines and how everything looks flower like. I would love to have one of his mugs :)

Stepanka is another one of my favorites, and this year I was lucky enough to get one of her awesome glasses for Christmas. I love porcelain clay because it's delicate and translucent, nobody makes things quite like she does.
love you

I love natal yasots' use of color and pattern, her pieces are so intricate and have such a great personality.

I love his little top hat

 This toast plate is a great example of functionality and playfulness. Isn't it just the cutest?

This next artist is a local favorite, I first saw her work at a local craft show a few years ago, I was completely enamored by her lace infused pottery, I love her playful color palette and amazing pieces.
She's actually teaching a bird bath class at the Dallas Arboretum. Pretty awesome :)

Any exciting crafts or skills that you have been wanting to learn and try?
I'm off to watch the Oscars....have a wonderful Monday

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target Review

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, being sick has had me doing a whole lot of nothing this week. Here is my review of the Prabal Gurung collection for Target.
I mentioned in previous post, that I ordered everything online, and didn't shop the stores, usually with the designer collaborations, I hop from store to store to see if they have something different, as the one by my house is often picked over. So I saved myself the hassle, I like to try things on at home anyway.

This first thing I tried on was this long sleeve top, I wasn't overly impressed with it online but thought the print was fun so I ordered it just to see. I was pleasantly surprised the fabric was really soft, a cotton blend and I really like how the pattern continues of the back of the shirt. It's moderately priced at $20.00. I think this might be the only piece I end up keeping.

back view of print

I really liked the black and white floral print. I thought this top would be cute. I like the geo shapes.
I ordered it maybe too big, in the past my experience has been that these collections are sized small, though this one seems true to size. I wasn't really happy overall with this top but it looks cute on the model lol.

I thought my favorite piece would be this cardigan with the same floral print, although it seemed really long. The button placket was lined for wear and tear which I thought was a nice touch but the buttons were really boring. Yes, I know I'm being picky. And it was kind of see throught notice my pink top showing through at the top of the cardigan? I was sad this piece didn't work out.

On to the dresses, I'm always a sucker for dresses, though I rarely wear them....I ordered the brightly colored mirrored pattern one, and to my surprise it was a knit t-shirt material. The skirt is a polyester material and has a cute little swing to it.

I kinda liked it although the drop waist kinda made it feel a bit like a muumuu. I'm sure it would very cute on smaller girls ;) 

The last dress, I thought or hoped rather, would be a knit material but alas it is made of polyester which I do not wear because it doesn't breathe and doesn't really feel like wearable, comfortable fabric in my opinion ;)

It kind of reminded me of a retro flight attendant outfit or something however weird that sounds.

So yeah, overall I was impressed with the collection because the variety of materials was better than in previous collections and the prints and shapes are fun, I'm just not sure they are for me.
PG does have some more subtle offerings in two tone tops and sweaters for those who are not into the prints, and from what I hear a lot of people are liking the shoes.

A more subtle look

So what did you think of the collection? Did you buy anything you love?
Between the picture taking and trying on these clothes, I've decided I really need to try to go vegetarian again or at the very least cut out all fast food except Chipotle lol

I almost done with two sewing projects, and I'm officially over my desire to sew for now, which is good because a couple new drawing ideas are wanting to come out and play.

Hope to have more soon :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 5

I had great plans for weekend, I even took Friday off to get a head start on awesome stuff, and then Thursday I got really sick, I didn't get anything done this weekend, and I still feel awful. While I'm the road to recovery here are some things I'm excited about now :)

1. The Black Apple's latest painting in her wild and ordinary series.
It's such a whimsical and delicate concept. I'm pretty sure if I were ever to get a tattoo it would look something like this with morning glories and pretty birdies perched on the vine.
love the colors

2. Adele and Mumford and Sons. I watched Grammys last night and it was so great to see them together on stage for a little bit. I was thinking how popular they both are and that they are so amazing live, that would a be the best concert line up ever! I recently bought Adele's concert dvd & cd combo and Mumford and Sons recently released a concert dvd too. If you can't see them in concert soon I would do the next best thing and buy the dvds :)

picture from here

3. Skyfall out on DVD tomorrow. This has been the best Bond with Daniel Craig in my opinion because he finally has a villain that is up for the challenge, plus new characters are always fun.
AND Adele does a really awesome theme song, and coincidentally she will be performing this song at the Oscars because they are doing a tribute for 50 years of Bond pretty exciting! If you haven't seen Skyfall yet and you are Bond fan be sure to rent it soon :)

4. Prabal Gurung's new collection at Target. This time around, I did my homework, reviewed the look book and figured out what pieces I was actually interested in adding to my wardrobe and ordered it all online. I get tired of going to different stores seeing if they have what I think I want. I always get captivated by the dress that never seem to work out for me. I really like the black and white print cardigan, and the bright geo spliced dresses. I love his use of color, we will see how wearable it is.
What pieces are you excited about?

5. Ken Price at the Nasher Sculpture Center, I just found a new sculpture exhibit to get excited about. Not many of the museums are getting fun new exhibits but this looks awesome like a Pixar brainstorm :)

What are you excited about lately? Happy Tuesday to you :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1 year blog-iversary

Today is my 1 year blog anniversary! The time has definitely flown by, it's crazy how things become a part of your everyday routine.

I wish gummy bear balloons actually existed

 What a wonderful year its been. I wanted to have a creative outlet to share my artistic side and other stuff I'm excited about like crafting, baking, and fashion.
I really love to write about things I'm passionate about and I love seeing what all is going on in the blogosphere. But my main goal was develop my drawing style and open a shop and while I was just enjoying the creative process and make things on a regular basis. But now I need to see my goals through to completion. I finally made a list of things I want to focus on.

1. Using Spoonflower to make detailed illustrations on fabric.
I love drawing I love fabric it was only a matter of time before someone came up with tools to print your own designs. This is happening very soon!
I love floral prints

2. Do some illustrations inspired by songs. I love music, I can't work without it, it makes me happy, relaxed and focused. What could be a better inspiration than that?

3. Create my own T shirt designs. I've always been interesting in screen printing, I found a really great company and I'm coming up with a swirly, colorful explosion something awesome that I can wear to work. This is a doodle, don't take it seriously lol
I love stars and purple

4. Create and explore characters. I love to explore animals with human nuances and I love coming up with random wild monster creatures too. I'd like to see where this could go if I gave it the right amount of attention.

I am very excited to see where these projects will take me, maybe I will come up with other ideas along the way that I love even better.
I hope to focus more on my art projects but also discover and discuss more food, fashion and DIY this year. I hope you continue on this journey with me :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

clouds and birds

Things have been kind stressful and disappointing lately. One thing that cheers me up on my drive home is getting to see the sun set. I love clouds all fluffy and different colors, it reminds me how powerful God is and what a wonderful creator He is.

 He can do so much with so little. It reminds me to calm down and enjoy the view.

I think that's why I love birds so much, they are so tiny and yet resilient. They remind me to stay positive. One of my favorite Bible passages in Matthew is about birds.
I have had this drawing idea bouncing around in my head for quite awhile.  Here's a quick sketch, I'd like to do another version with color and tweak the details a little. Regardless this needs to go in my cube as soon as possible.

 I hope this encourages you, and you smile the next time you see a bird fly by. I've added new projects to my list but I'm trying to say focused. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Food and Fun

I had a really great time hanging out with one of my friends Friday night, we love to go to fun places to eat and she is a fearless Dallas driver (I am not at all). So we went to the best pizza place in Dallas, Cane Rosso, the first time we went we got to sit in front of the oven and watch the delicious pizza bake which was awesome, but this time we got a regular table and separate pizzas, because I really wanted to savor the leftovers :)

The flavors are so fresh and amazing, it takes me back to my brief Italian memories. It is made according to Neapolitan standards, so you know it's good quality. They have amazing dessert pizza too, which I have never really been a fan until I tried their Bella Mena which is vanilla bean mascarpone with caramelized apples with a caramel drizzle...yep amazing.

Pizza Bliss

Then we went to my favorite pie place for dessert. To my surprise and delight they new seasonal pies for Valentine's Day, a strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb pie, a red velvet chess pie and last but not least good old key lime, which I had been craving for quite a while. My friend tried Lord of the Pies ala mode, and I had a little taste and it was freaking amazing, next time I'm getting that one :)

my friend with lord of the pies

I also went to a painting class and still need to finish my painting, a separate post on that later :)

Recently, I started thinking about baby owls, some of my friends are pregnant so I was thinking about making their kids a cute softie.

I was debating between closed or open eyes, and I went with closed eyes. I thought it would be fun to make the body and the wings contrast and I had to add a cute little bow of course.

I will have to add more stuffing and take better pictures this week :)

This weekend was jam packed with stuff I love to do: eat at awesome places, painting, and sewing. Usually only one of these things gets done so I'm glad I got to do so much and that doesn't even count the Superbowl. I've got big plans, for February and I'm going to set a calendar get focused and accomplishment some fun ideas. What have you got planned for Feb?

New inspiration and new projects

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