Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4 bunnies and 1 owl

I mentioned I was sewing again, softies for friends and family. I finished a baby owl for a friend who is welcoming her own baby soon. This was my first fleece owl, I had made some plush owls before with cotton fabric and fabric markers.

And on a side note doesn't Target have the cutest gift cards? I love the novelty shaped ones and they always have fun patterned ones too.

On to the bunnies, I have been interested in bunnies for a while now.  I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to make a plush bunny. Here are my previous attempts.

first attempt   

second attempt

I took a break for a while and then started sewing late at night and came up with a unbalanced cartoonish fellow on the left, but it really helped me work out my issues and I came up with the prototype on the right. So it was overall a good learning experience.

I wanted to make a bunny for my little cousin who broke her leg, so I made a bunny with cast on her leg too so they can get better together :)

I just used a strip of fleece and tied around the leg to emulate a cast. It's not pictured but you get the idea. I would have liked to add more detail to the face and ears, but I lost a lot of time being sick and I didn't want to wait too long.
Bunny tail

Close up of the face, in previous versions I was hand stitching all facial details, but I used the machine more, it was kind of nerve racking but I'm happy with the embroidery and machine stitch combo.

 That's all my sewing adventures for now. I'd very much like to make major progress on my drawings projects so that's my goal for this week. Hope you have a fantastic Thursday :)


Anonymous said...

Stunning post!
I wait for you fo NEW EASTER POST!!
Follow me that i follow you!

Kisses from Rome

Magical Day Dream said...

Cute :) Makes me want to sew again!

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