Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is here

My extended mild Spring is officially gone, and has been replaced with humid and hot with a constant chance of stormy showers. But there are upsides to summertime.. even in Texas :)

Summer flowers for example, I love Zinnias they come in many different varieties and they are about the only bright and happy thing that can hold up to the summer heat. This pink one has extra large blooms, it's a Champagne Toast variety. I also love to plant Zinnia seeds and watch them come up, it's low maintenance favorite kind :)

Summer dressing is always a nice change, easy and breezy layers. It's too hot for skinny jeans now and I love how easy skirts and dresses can be. But finding a great summer dress that you can throw on and look great in is hard to find. I have started my search though, and can't wait to share more in some upcoming outfit posts. I did order this dress, on a whim this past weekend, mostly just to get free shipping on shoes lol. But it's really cute in person, I was pleasantly surprised. I love the color of the print, and the piping and pleating detail in the bodice. The back has elastic and a zipper closure, and the skirt flares out and is has a nice little twirl too it. But I'm still on the fence lol

                                       The pattern is brighter in person than on the website.

Summer movies are always highly anticipated but I really like movie marathons at home too. I got to hang out with a friend last week and we watched You've Got Mail and Silver Lining's Playbook, an old favorite and a new favorite. My friend is aware of my love for Anthropologie and she gave me the cutest mug ever! I love the cute little dachshunds :)

spots and stripes

cute little closeup

Summer baking is high on my list. I want to experiment with fresh berries and peaches and cobbler and tarts. I'm really excited about the possibilities and to use my fresh garden carrots in a carrot cake :)

a butterfly cherry pie from a few years ago

What are you excited about this summer?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cute and Clever

This has been a crazy busy week, but I managed to tweak my bunny painting. With a mouth without a mouth I went back and forth, then I decided a mouth completes the face :)

before sans mouth
And I added more texture because I love texture and color.


happy bunny

I've started painting another fuzzy friend but can't seem to get back to it lately, maybe over this long weekend I will.

Also I saw this commercial the other day and watched in awe of the clever cuteness of it. Love the creatures hands grabbing for oreos :)

Hope the rest of your week is amazing!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fun Stuff

I had a fun weekend watched some movies and hung out with friends.
I watched one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes series, the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch, he plays the bad guy in the new star trek movie. I'm pretty excited to see it because of him.
I also found this awesome feature on the guys wardrobe on Gatsby, the costumer designer did a collaboration with Brooks Brothers.This is my inner fashion nerd coming out, I've always loved costume design.

I went to Target and I just happened to see this place mat on the summer end cap.
It was so happy and bright and adorable, it totally made my day. I'm kind of an octopus fan. There is a fun turtle print too.

I got to hang out with my friend yesterday, and she knows I love the bake and got me the cutest book!
I've seen it in the store before but I never would look at it, I thought it was all cupcakes, clearly if I had read the title I would have known better lol

It uses a lot of candy and pre-made items, but I think it really enhances the presentation of the baked goodness and they have colorful instruction pages and templates. I'm really excited to get started.

so cute!!!
 You should definitely check it out they have a lot of the book available to look at in the preview mode on Amazon.

We've been lucky to get another crop of broccoli before the weather gets too hot. It's so nice to have fresh veggies from the garden. They taste so tender and fresh! I forgot how quick and easy dinner is  when you're making veggies, just slice and steam. We've even got full size potatoes this season, I'm pretty excited that all our plants are doing well. It will be interesting to see how the green beans go....

Ok so that's all with me lately, I'm off to work on some drawing projects, Happy Tuesday to you :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 5

Here's the latest random assortment of things I'm excited about lately.

1. Summer Movie Season
Well summer movie season is definitely upon us, I saw two movies this past weekend. The Great Gatsby which was good, even though it's not my favorite story. Although my favorite parts from the book were also my favorite scenes from the movie. Like when Nick first meets Gatsby at his party and when they have tea in Nick's tiny little cottage. Also the costumes were great, and the touches of art deco, I especially loved the way they incorporated Gatsby's initials into design.

I also saw Iron Man 3. Which I LOVED!! Yes I am sucker for Robert Downey Jr, and I love the way he portrays Tony Stark as a sarcastic, quick witted, engineering genius. This third installment doesn't disappoint, it supplies twists and turns that you do not expect from a three-quel, and it's fun to see the characters back together again, not to mention the new designs he's come up with. If you thought the 2nd movie was horrible I agree with you, but don't let it stop you from enjoying this movie. These two movies have got me super excited for July when basically everything else comes out.

2. Awesome Catcus
I have had my eye on this ocean inspired coral catcus for quite awhile, I first saw it in the floral arrangements at Northpark a couple years ago. I have seen them at a few places but they were always kinda pricey, and my track record when succulents are a little spotty. But when I saw this one for under $15, I jumped at the chance to buy it!

so happy :)

3. Polia Pillin
I was watching Antiques Roadshow and discovered a Polish couple who began making pottery together in the 1930's and became more established in later decades. The husband William, would throw the vessels for his wife Polia. She would use the pottery as her canvas and paint beautiful birds, horses, and portraits of dancers and women. Her technique is something I have never seen before, I am so intrigued by her use of color.

love the varied colors


4.Stuffed Animal Book by Abby Glassenberg
Abby makes awesome stuffed birds and animals, she's very talented and sells pdf patterns of some of her stuffed creations. Now she's tackled all sorts of construction issues and design details. I'm pretty excited to explore everything she's addressed in this book. See more adorable videos of animals from her book here

5. Netflix Mother's Day packaging. This is just me geeking out over cool design concepts. I think it's always a design challenge to only use 2 colors and create a powerful statement. In this case the white print is used on the already existing red packaging. I love how the cute imagery from Brave pops out & grabs you, so cute and clever :)

What are you excited about lately?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mad about Baz

I'm very excited to see Great Gatsby because Baz Luhrmann is one of my favorite directors. He's very theatrical and eccentric and I think you either love him or don't care for him too much.
To say that I am a fan of his is a small understatement, one of the best surprise birthday gifts I ever received was his Red Curtain Trilogy DVD set which includes Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge. I'm not much of a girly girl but I do love a great love story and Baz knows how to tell some awesome ones.

I remember when Romeo and Juliet came out in 1996, I watched it a couple years later and was forever changed, the more I watched it the more I grew to love Shakespeare and the more I loved Baz's sense of style, interpretation and presentation. He's seamlessly blends humor, tragedy, and love, I think that's what admire most about his movies. Well that and his amazing attention to detail..... and they way he can direct actors to give amazing, type cast smashing performances. Most girls will say the love Leo because of Titanic but I love Leo because of his performance of Romeo.

I love that he kept the original text, but everything else is modern, I love the costume design, the soundtrack, the cinematography the whole package, he thinks of every little detail and how it will add to the story. Below is one of my favorite scenes when they first meet.

Moulin Rouge is boisterous musical with modern pop songs and original songs too. Who would have thought Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor could sing? I think they are absolutely adorable together and Baz does a wonderful job putting his stamp on the musical genre. My favorite song performed in the movie is "Come What May" in the finale scene. But I love the instrumental song played in the credits "Bolero" and Rufus Wainwright's song "Complainte De La Butte".

And last but not least his first of the Red Curtain series, Strictly Ballroom, a more traditional tale out of the three movies, but no less endearing and entertaining.  Strictly Ballroom explores the competitive and flashy world of ballroom dancing and two unlikely partners who want to put their own spin on things. What can I say it's his first movie as a director and it's really sweet and I think it shows a lot of his personality and his background.

So are you a Baz Luhrmann fan? Are you excited to see Great Gatsby?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The little things

Going through difficult stressful times is never fun, but lately I've been trying to focus on the little things that make me happy.
I chopped off my hair and got new earrings
ombre purple awesome-ness

Because of our mild winter, flowers are exploding with blooms, some things haven't bloomed in years.

snap dragon

an odd bloomer the butterflies like

happy hydrangea

poppy surprise :)

I got to hang out with my friend and go fabric shopping for some new projects, that I will hopefully work myself up too.....soon :) It's so fun to geek out over fabric with someone that loves making stuff too.

Also we have Killdeer birds in our parking lot at work, they come around this time of year, even though they also call the beach home. I was pleasantly surprised to see babies in our parking lot this year, they have the cutest little walk and they shake their little tails. Yes, I am easily amused.


And this weekend I got to see Dirt's latest succulent offering. A mossy succulent turtle!! So freaking cute :)

Hope you are having a good week and enjoying the small things :)

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