Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cute and Clever

This has been a crazy busy week, but I managed to tweak my bunny painting. With a mouth without a mouth I went back and forth, then I decided a mouth completes the face :)

before sans mouth
And I added more texture because I love texture and color.


happy bunny

I've started painting another fuzzy friend but can't seem to get back to it lately, maybe over this long weekend I will.

Also I saw this commercial the other day and watched in awe of the clever cuteness of it. Love the creatures hands grabbing for oreos :)

Hope the rest of your week is amazing!


heidi said...

The bunny is too cute! And the little heart shaped nose is perfect. And the oreo commercial is cute!

Heidi’s Wanderings

floating thru fields said...

thanks Heidi :)

Magical Day Dream said...

I also want to paint something furry, but a bit smaller; I have my mind sen on a mouse ;)

floating thru fields said...

Marielle, I can't wait to see your next painting love your whimsical style

Kelli Murray said...

Love the bunny!! So cute.

aki! said...

I like how you did the texture too!

7% Solution​

floating thru fields said...

thanks everyone! I'm off to work on new stuff

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