Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog Award Nominations

I was nominated for the combined One Lovely Blog and Best Friend of Blogger Awards by Kerry of Candy Floss Ramparts, she does fun embroidery projects & awesome round up posts at the end of the week. I'm so touched that she thought of my blog and nominated me, my goal is to create interesting content and start conversations so that's really awesome thanks Kerry!
The goal of these awards is to find out more about different bloggers by asking and answering a few questions and nominating other blogs that you think deserve more attention.

Here are my answers to Kerry's questions:

1. What always cheers you up?
Music nothing better than an awesome song to brighten your day & lift your mood, also hanging out with family & friends always cheers me up

2. Marvel or DC?
I guess I'd have to say DC as Batman is my favorite :)
But I also like Iron Man and Wolverine

3. What was the last book you read?
 I re-read Gesine Bullock-Prado's "My Life From Scratch" it's one of my favorites she a hilarious writer and includes recipes, I've gushed over it a few times lol

4. Favorite app?
Probably my drawing and painting apps Adobe Ideas and Procreate that I use on my iPad :)

5. What’s your biggest quirk (or biggest pet peeve, if you’re quirkless)?
I  guess I am quirky about recycling often stopping coworkers and friends before they throw things away that can be recycled. Recycling is a small way to take care of the planet and make it something worth leaving to the next generation. :)

I want to nominate the following blogs YAY :)
1. Teacup Incident
2. Tape Parade
3. Sweatshirt Dresshirt
4. Magical Daydream
5. Kyla Is Inspired
6. Purple Heart Ori"jenn"als
7. Artsy Angel
8. Allie NYC
9. Target Addict
10. Little White Whale

My questions are:

1. What would be the perfect way to spend a Saturday?

2. Favorite Halloween Candy?

3. Best part of Fall?

4. Which do you enjoy more: baking or cooking?

5. Best concert you've ever attended?


Laila said...

Ah fantastic! Thank you so much for nominating me :) I will definitely do this! Very fun to find out more about you. X

Gloria said...

I love that you encourage your coworkers and friends to recycle :-) And thank you for the nomination - you're too sweet!

Kerry said...

Yay! Glad to see your answers :) I'm the same way about recycling. When I worked in an office, all my co-workers would bring me their empty cans/bottles, because they knew I'd take them home to recycle.

Angel said...

Thanks for nominating me! I don't really do these things on my blog so hope you don't mind me answering them here!

1. What would be the perfect way to spend a Saturday?
Sleep in. Wake up whenever. Cuddle on the couch with my dog and boyfriend and watch a bunch of movies!

2. Favorite Halloween Candy?
I really the candy corn.

3. Best part of Fall?
The cooler weather!

4. Which do you enjoy more: baking or cooking?

5. Best concert you've ever attended?
I haven't been to that many actually. Just some small ones. And I can't remember them so I guess they weren't that good. Haha...

Alicia Mackin said...

It is incredible how many people and businesses do not recycle. And yep music really can help.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for nominating me! I find music a mood lifter too. I've answered a couple of interviews already on my blog this year so I'm including my answers here:
1. Fave Saturday: go to flea market and farmer's market in morning, make toys in the afternoon!
2. Halloween candy: mini Chocolove bars from Boulder, CO
3. Fall's best: colorful leaf change
4. Baking or cooking: I like both but cooking takes first place.
5. Best concert ever attended? Bruce Springsteen, way back in the 90's.

Laila said...

I just responded on my blog! Thank you so much for nominanting :) xx p.s., do you have twitter?

Purple Quilter Queen said...
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Purple Quilter Queen said...

Thanks Kim for the nomination!
1 - Perfect Saturday - quilting/sewing All.DAY.LONG. with a good movie (or Dateline - hehe) on in the background!!

2 - Favorite Halloween Candy - any kind of fun size chocolate candy bar - YUM!

3 - Best part of Fall - layering clothes and a good nip in the air!

4 - Baking or Cooking - backing (doesn't take as many big dishes to wash afterwards! LOL)

5 - Best Concert - Bon Jovi was pretty sweet back in the late 90's but probably Clint Black back in 1990 because he came and did a concert at my college, Tarleton State, and I actually got to meet him and had my picture taken with him!

Marielle said...

Thank you so much for your nomination!

1. Sleeping in, drinking coffee, breakfast in bed, making stuff, tandem ride with my boyfriend, live music, good conversations, bonfire

2. Anything with chocolate I guess. But halloween isn't so big in the Netherlands. We don't have typical Halloween candy.

3. Sitting inside under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate milk.

4. Baking. Haha, I like to make stuff that looks good more than I like to make stuff that tastes good :p

5. Difficult. I really liked Kyteman Orchestra live. Kate Nash concert was pretty sweet (including a ukulele playing trio with hula hoops before she sang).

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