Sunday, December 9, 2012

weekend fun

I finally got to go see the Chihuly installation we have been trying to go since October and I was so afraid it was going to be cold by December, but you know what they say about Texas weather....just wait and it will change. It was a lovely sunny day, the plants and flowers were beautiful and the sculptures were amazing, my favorite was this one. It was a really great way to celebrate my birthday, I want to find a documentary on Chihuly very soon!

Then I tried making clay ornaments a fun holiday craft idea provided by one of my favorite blogs.
The sculpey clay was hard to roll out but it was fun, I haven't decorated them yet with paint pens but it's a little more fancy than paper tags and it's not much more effort YAY!

I used some glitter and red clay on my candy cane  

Then I made some red velvet mini bundt cakes with Sprinkles mix. I am sending them to family, without my awesome cream cheese frosting but the cake is so excellent that I think they will still be pleased.

Now that my birthday is over I'm gearing up for Christmas. I think I am pretty much done shopping now I just have to start decorating :)


Anonymous said...

That exhibition looks awesome!! I love the waterfall installation. Also your cakes look delicious!

Anonymous said...

The gardens are beyond description, such beauty in our drought area.

melissa ahamad said...

Super super awesome!


floating thru fields said...

thanks guys :)

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