Monday, December 10, 2012

I almost forgot

I forgot to mention another great part of my day on Friday. I went to my favorite pie place and tried a new amazing holiday pie, Merry Berry. The sugary crust and tart cranberries made for a delicious contrast. It was still nice outside so we got to sit out on the porch and enjoy the sunshine, and now it's very cold outside lol
picture from
They also have other holiday pies, a coconut custard topped with coconut shavings appropriately named the snowball and a spiced chai buttermilk pie called buttermilk blizten. When and if I try another holiday variety, you all will be the first to know :)

I also got to watch a offbeat indie movie that's been in my netflix queue forever! Ruby Sparks, the tale of a lonely writer with writer's block who's dream girl he begins to write about comes to life.

The movie features on of my favorite actors Paul Dano, you may remember him as the misfit brother who takes a vow of silence in Little Miss Sunshine. His dream girl is played by his real life girlfriend
Zoe Kazan who actually wrote the screenplay. It's a somewhat interesting fantasy about what would happen if your dream person came to life. Would it be everything you ever wanted? What about after you got used to each other and normal life crept in? It reminded me a lot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which I really enjoy. It just kind of reminds you that everyone has their quirks and issues and it's a choice to make the best of it together.

On a random fabric side note, my awesome sewing buddy Jenn has the cutest little boy who happens to love Perry the platypus  and I found some great flannel fabric for some pajama pants! I know she'll do a great job, she's the best seamstress I know. I wish I had more patience to sew clothes. I can't wait to see him rockin' his flannel pants :)
the print kinda looks like this

I also finally got to see the Neiman Marcus Target collaboration in person at my local Target, as usual with most of the collaborations some items looked less impressive in person than in the stylized photography online. I like the Carolina Herrera notebook set but $20 is a little pricey, maybe if they go sale but we'll see.

Also the "home is where the heart is" print is in the shop now. Ready to personalized :)
What about you? Done anything new or exciting? Seen any good movies? Fell in love with something from the latest Target collaboration? I'd love to hear about it :)


Anonymous said...

Emporium Pies The BEST place for pie in Texas!!!

isseymaya said...

I SO WANT TO SEE RUBY SPARKS...yeah im that excited, is it on netflix????

isseymaya said...

floating thru fields said...

Hi Issey, yes it is on netflix I got it on dvd I am not sure if it's on streaming? I'm glad you are excited :)

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