Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fashion: Boots

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is boots! I love the knee high boots, and the shorter  biker boots, and every once in a while a cute cowboy-ish boot will catch my eye.
But last weekend, I went to the new DSW by my house  and discovered a whole new beloved category of boots: the back zip boot! It' easier to get into and the zipper does not strain on the side of your leg, like some side zip boots do. I tried on these Madden Girl boots, I like the little motto inspired details but there was no support in the shoe whatsoever.

Then I found some Born back zip boots when I went to Nordstrom Rack. I was filled with excitement and anticipation of finding cute shoes in my size but it was not meant to be. I found some in my size they were just the worst distressed gray color and would probably not look good with anything.
I overheard a girl trying on shoes talking to her friend comparing shoe shopping to bra shopping, you just have to be in right mood. So true. I found some that were super cute, though they were not in my size,what I would give for smaller feet lol. I am loving all the studding detail that's trendy now, I like the mixed finishes but this is really cute too. Just the right amount of tough with the right amount of cute.

Dirty Laundry

On a side note I think these are perfect for a  mod meets goth Halloween costume aren't they fun?!
That's Mr. Campbell for you.

So these are the perfect boots. The ones I will be waiting for.....comfy foot bed, pretty fall leather, the ideal back zip boot.

Meet Bitsy

Ok more to come soon I'm off to sew! Hope everyone has a wonderfully fun Halloween :)

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Anonymous said...

I love Fall too -- Kathleen Kelly raves about sharpened pencils and scotch tape in 'You've Got Mail', FALL IS A FABULOUS TIME. Cozy chunky sweaters and the feel of a warm pair of boots -- it's a wonderful time of year. Pumpkins and new recipes to try -- I can't wait. Happy Fall to you and thank you for your happy thoughts.

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