Wednesday, October 3, 2012

top 5

The busy season is definitely upon us, for me both personally and professionally.
So here's some stuff I've been wanting to share :)

1. Burberry's new Spring collection. I love these colors and the fun take on trench coats plus  jewel tones my favorite! see the rest here
I love these colors together bright ombre!
jacket colors and peplum top
purple bolero
lace trench amazing!
2. This book I discovered. Steal like an Artist. It has some interesting things to say. Like nothing new is going to be made, it's all been done. But there are different interpretations of things, so find people you admire and find out who inspired them and so on and so forth. Take parts of existing things and make it into something different.

Which brings me to number 3, the artist KAWS, I saw this profile on him a few years ago. He started as a grafitti artist, painting over existing ads. Then he started to experiment with pop culture, Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob. I got to see his stuff a few months ago, and the way he paints, it just jumps off the canvas. Yes there's nothing new about borrowing from pop culture, but he is definitely putting his own spin on it, and I love it!
We got a temporary installation at theModern and I saw it last weekend. It looks like it was made for the building, if you ask me.
from the side

from across the street

4. Then I started thinking about Sponge Bob, where did this idea that is now a pop culture mainstay come from? Well the guy that wrote it did study marine life and animation.While in college he wrote a comic about a sponge and changed it to a square shape because he thought it was funnier. He had a friend that was a comedy writer that happened to write for Rocko's modern life. At the suggestion of his friend he started developing it as a cartoon and after Rocko ended he got new team members for his show. So pursue what you love and surround yourself with great friends who can give constructive criticism and fun suggestions.

Silent City by Kaws

5. Frankenweenie! I can't believe October is finally here. I am a huge Tim Burton fan. He made the original version of Frankenweenie some 20 years ago. A live action black and white short, Disney shelved it at the time thinking it was too dark, and now years later, here comes the claymation version. I know it seems kind of morbid bringing a beloved pet back to life, and yes Tim is kind of morbid but he was a wonderful way of blending the weirdness with heart and I love him for that. On a side note  Tim Burton was inspired byEdward Gorey.

one of Tim's sketches of Frankenweenie
 Hope you have a great rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

I've seen this at Kaws at the Modern and it is fabulous, it would be great if it were part of their permanent collection. It looks perfect at the entrance and is so welcoming.

Frankenweenie -- Oh Yeah -- it's finally opening day, can't wait!!!

Flashes of Style said...

Loveee these runway snippets! <333



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