Monday, September 24, 2012

Switching Gears

Since I had been having computer problems lately, I decided to take a break and sew some stuff.
For some reason I was really excited about the idea of a fleece animal, I've never really worked with fleece before. The thing I love about sewing is you can take a sketch, make it whatever size you want add seam allowance and you can make it come to life :)

this is my sketch the ended up on my actual pattern

I was working on a couple things when I was embroidering the facial features.

patterns, owl card, and octopus in progress

this is Reggie the 5 legged octopus

Yes he's a he and he's pink, here's a close up of his cute little face.

I am going to tweak the pattern a little and maybe make it a bit bigger and make him a girly girl pal. I've already got the cute little details mapped out in my head! Just got to get to work.
Also this little guy pretty much sums up how I feel about Fall.

playing in the leaves

This little mouse is an Annalee, a felt collectible, they are made for pretty much every season. My Grandma starting collecting these when a grocery store was going was going out of business they were getting rid of everything including some Christmas Annalees they had used in their store display. We mostly started with Christmas ones and branched out from there. They definitely bring fond memories of the holidays and childhood. But now I'm starting to look at them from a construction standpoint, and I'm still rather baffled at the thought of construction and detail.

On a random side note, way to go Sears marketing people for making a funny parody commercial.

See you soon !


Anonymous said...

That commercial is hilarious. And we loved our card!! :) Thank you!! Although I might use it to get some new leopard-print flats.... ;) love ya!!

floating thru fields said...

YAY! I'm glad you got the card and enjoyed the commercial. They do have some cute flats love you too <3

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