Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enjoy the Process

These past few weeks have been kinda tiring, I got bronchitis which takes forever to get over so I have been sleeping alot. BUT I'm trying to stay focused and find energy to still make things, especially during the week. I have been thinking about how I'm always trying to rush and make a prototype to see how it turns out or how I just want a drawing to work out on the first try.
I'm trying to remind myself to enjoy the process of creating and getting to my end goal. I have been playing with different drawing apps, love the textures it's like finger painting with pastels and painting without all the mess.

Sometimes it's just fun to play

I have also been doodling animals for bday cards and possible prints.
Happy Hippo

Also on a happy side note that have adventure time toys and DIY inspired Paul Frank toys in McDonald's happy meals YAY :)

Happy Tuesday!!!


Nerd Burger said...

I love the bow on Happy Hippo's head. Super cute.

Anonymous said...

What's the rush? Enjoy the moments and the journey <3

Kyla said...

Oh no, bronchitis is the worst! Glad to hear that you're trying to stay positive though :) I love these little creations!

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