Thursday, January 9, 2014

Be Bold

I have been playing with my drawing app on my ipad and came up with this colorful bunch of squiggles.

Being bold is my goal for 2014, I want to try new things and go with spur of the moment creative ideas and not be afraid of failure because that's how you learn new things :)
I think I'm probably going to put a miniature version of this in my cube.
Happy Thursday :)


Kyla said...

This is cute! And I love the idea of being bold for 2014, what a great inspiration.

simply bev said...

Sounds like a good goal and the bright colors will catch your each each day. Great idea!

Kate Hardy said...
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Kate said...

Beautiful color choices! I love seeing small impromptu doodles. You've inspired me to share more.

Alicia Mackin said...

So true, you should never be afraid to fail, sometimes the best things come out of failure. And that app looks fun!

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