Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Runway vs. Real Way

So at first I thought the printed jean trend was just a little too 80's and not in a good way but I think it definitely depends on the print. Like some of the traditional large floral prints are a little scary. If you want to check them out further.
I think the sad beige color doesn't help it's case any

I kinda like the graphic floral print.....there's a lot of graphics florals  happening.
Runway Peter Som and real way 7 for all Mankind

But what really got me excited was the ikat print! I saw some similar to this at anthropolgie, but I couldn't justify spending $80 on coral jeans. In my defense the print was more subtle and it was a soft coral.....but I can't find them on their website.

Leave it to Target to be on trend at an affordable price. I found these a couple weeks ago, at my favorite Target....they always have a better selection on clothes and clearance items ;)
t shirt, jeans, flats all from Target :)
These jeans have no stretch in them whatsoever so I'm gonna have to get used to that again. It's too hot to wear skinny jeans now but I'm be excited to wear them when it gets a bit cooler. They are pretty close to the designer jeans

So what do you think about printed jeans? Also there's a fun street style slide show on NY times if you want to see more :)


Anonymous said...

If only I'd saved all my clothes from the 80s !!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm with the previous comment poster. The floral printed jeans are SO 80s! I do like your new Target jeans though; I didn't see them when I was at Target, but I also didn't know they were trending.

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