Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Little Things

It's officially the unbearable part of the summer, but there are little things to be thankful like my friend Holly, she recently did a post on this super cute dress she made. Her dedication to the little details, like making your own matching binding and french seams makes me want to be a more dedicated sewing enthusiast.
Also despite the heat, I'm getting to enjoy the birds. I've decided the Robin, is my new favorite bird. They are very curious and scurry about using the flower beds as camouflage. They also love to splash around in the bird bath and are pretty hilarious. The other day, I got to see three little siblings. They are mottled and still have baby features, very cute.  What can I say since I am still pet-less at the moment, the birds have become my dog substitute :)
Sorry for my picture quality I was on crazy zoom through the blinds

The table is in the way but you can kind of see the robins and the cardinal looking on

My other favorite is the Wren, there are very tiny and like to hop about. The thing I love the most about them is the have the  prettiest little song and it's so loud it doesn't sound like it could possibly come out of their teeny tiny body, but it does.
 singing in the feeder

Sometimes when things aren't great, it's hard to be thankful or grateful. This week has not been so awesome, but I am reminded that I am blessed. I need to remember to be thankful and grateful.
I was thinking about it on the way home from work today, that is would be nice to have this reminder in my cube. It still needs some work but I wanted to share.

Happy little owl close up

Happy Wednesday Everyone

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