Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthdays and Boots

Today's my birthday and I was quite surprised by my dear coworkers to receive the most wonderful and unexpected gift. Which I think is the best things about birthdays :)
As you might know I was previously gushing about Marc Jacobs cute little creatures.
And guess what I got?!
The cutest little bunny ever!

I will do more celebrating this weekend, which will hopefully include Chihuly, pie and possible crafts, we shall see what happens. I also broke down and bought some boots last weekend, Macy's seems to be the only one having really great sales, at least on what interested on anyway. I mentioned both of these pairs in a previous post. I wanted something pretty and comfortable .......that's where Bitsy came in. I got a cheaper b.o.c. pair first but they weren't as comfortable and the leather wasn't as nice.

Born does a really good job as far as comfort and construction go, but even though these boots are kinda wide at the calf you still have to have a mini wrestling match to zip them up even with skinny jeans.. so I will still be thinking about whether I will keep them or not. I kinda want a boot without so much heel and have been looking at these too.
Victorian meets equestrian

And these are pretty too, a little moto feel with all the buckles.

Also I'm pretty obsessed with this whole studding trend and I got caught up and bought these yesterday. But they aren't really comfortable and kinda pricey for man-made material in my opinion. I know you are paying for the hardware but still. I think these are going back.
please disregard my disheveled jeans ;)
I think they look cuter when you aren't wearing them.

Also I saw these awhile back in person and I'm starting to fall for them again as I see them all over online. So continues the boot saga.
Love suede and glitter combo    

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