Monday, December 17, 2012

Shopping Recap

I got to go to Northpark my favorite mall in DFW. It's got the best mix of high end and more affordable stores, not to mention a lot of my stores are close together. As I mentioned before I am on a boot quest and I tried on a couple of Born boots. I really thought I would end up with the almond toe, covered button style, but it was too narrow and the Attila boot was the winner.
still cute though

my new comfy cool boots
I completely blanked and did not get anything at Lush, one of my favorite stores. It's all natural and makes you feel awesome! I love the bubble bath, and the lotions and eventually I will splurge and buy hair stuff from them.

Lavender Bath Bomb

I also wanted to go to Anthropologie, because every year they send me a coupon for my birthday, you have to sign up though, I think in store, I couldn't find anything online. Over the years I have fallen hard for certain items at Anthro. Take this dress for example, exquisite fabric the print was awesome (swans) and the bodice detail was really pretty.

  But it was too short and too expensive and I didn't have an occasion to wear it so back to the store it went.  I have struggled with this birthday coupon dilemma year after year. I never can seem to justify spending 60 something dollars on a blouse.

This trip I fell in love with a pretty blouse and sweater that are out of my budget.
I love the colors
and the bodice is embroidered

Also this sweater was cute, it's kinda got a lot going on but I like the print and it was really soft
My favorite thing I wanted to get and it was on sale were these printed shirts, but they have received poor reviews online, as far the material being very thin and low quality. They are on sale though if you want to tempt it.
who doesn't love foxes?
I also found a very awesome sweater at H&M, I have been trying to find a soft sweater jacket with no wool, it makes me itchy and I can't stand it! Luckily H&M had just what I was looking for, which is exciting because it doesn't happen for me very often at all.  I like the colors of the sweater, my is purple of course. Pictures to follow soon :)

I'm happy I made these purchases, I think these will become staples in my wardrobe!
What about you have you done any shopping for yourself while shopping for others?


Jane said...

That fox shirt is too cute.

shakeshakee said...

Love love that foxy shirt!


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