Monday, September 29, 2014

A plush for a friend

I like to make plush dogs for my friends, especially after a furry friend has passed. I think it's just a small fun way to remember them. I had made a little dachshund last February just for fun, and my friend mentioned how cute she thought it was. When her dog passed I knew I had to commemorate him in happy cartoon form for her.

Bucky in cartoon form

such a sweet boy

happy face

look at those paws

paw print back

I learned a lot from this project, and I have made mental notes for things I'd like to improve next go round but I do know that I love making personal projects for people I care for and that makes me happy!
What are you working on lately?


Alicia Mackin said...

Yes losing a pet is quite painful and I am sure this cheered her up.

Allie of

Laila said...

Oh my gosh these are so cute! How thoughtful and creative of you, I hope your friends appreciate their sweet plush dogs xx

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