Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sewing Makes My Heart Happy

I didn't really love sewing when I first started learning, but as I got better and learned about pattern making I was kind of amazed how my skills came together and now I can come up with things as soon as inspiration strikes. When I realized how amazing it was that I could come up with a sketch and make it into a wearable piece of clothing or huggable stuffed animal I was hooked!

That's how this drawing came about, it celebrates the fun, creative spirit that comes with sewing. All you sewing enthusiasts know what I'm talking about ;)

I'm glad to finally have this in the shop :)   Free shipping & $10 off Duvet Covers until Aug 10th

What's your favorite hobby?

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Alicia Mackin said...

2117So true! And knitting too!

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