Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things That Inspire

This week is crazy busy so I thought I would do a fun picture post of the things I am inspired by at the moment.
I went to Bishop again last weekend and there was a new art gallery opened. A large painting of a gorilla holding a flower smiled at me from across the street and I was amused and intrigued. I soon discovered the work of Ginger Fox, her contemporary style is colorful and fun. I can't find a photo of the Gorilla painting but below is a painting that is also very colorful and captivating. See more here.
picture from her website

I finally got a good picture of my pansies, aren't they pretty :)

I also got around to hanging some prints up in my room, it makes me happy to have a little color on the walls, it makes me want to get more stuff to decorate the walls and make some of my colorful contributions of my own.

I've always liked collage and mixed media, but have experimented too much with mixed media lately. I am really feeling inspired by Katie Daisy and Mindy Lacefield their techniques are pretty cool.
It makes me want to start painting again.

Katie Daisy's mixed media

Mindy Lacefield's cute little couple

And last but not least, I made my Thanksgiving pie on Monday night, better late than never when it comes to pie.


 I tried this large pie crust cookie cutter thing for the first time that cuts out hearts all around. Pretty fun. but I still enjoy free hand carving and eventually I experiment with making  puff pastry from this bookShe is my current baking inspiration

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