Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random fashion stuff

I really like this Marc Jacobs dress, it has lines that actually flatter and it has pockets, which is a big deal for me :)
But alas it's pretty pricey

Here is a dress from Modcloth that has a similar idea at at more reasonable price.

It even has button tack details on the sleeves, I love the little details :)

Marc also has really cute tech accessories, like these animal smart phone cases.
 They are so cute they make me want to get an iPhone!

I can't decide which one is my favorite

Also he has flash drives and coin purses! I love when a theme is carried through in many different forms.
The Bunny is so cute
oh novelty coin purses
Ok enough about that, I had a super great time at the craft show, I saw some people I didn't see at the last show so that's always fun and I've been sewing another softie so I plan to post about both of these things later in the week. Hope everyone is having a marvelous Tuesday!

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