Friday, November 27, 2015

favorite winter look

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! As I reflect on the things that have happened this year, some calm and some very crazy... they have made me so grateful for my supportive family and friends and sweet little puppies :)

yeah I like to draw accessories on them since they don't like wearing costumes lol

 I have been working on this fashion sketch outfit idea for quite awhile, I was thinking at first I wanted to make it a post of things I would actually wear, and that kept changing, and since I draw animals so much I quickly realized I was just a little rusty on drawing girls so here we are: my favorite look for winter! I got the inspiration for this sketched fashion post from Joy @ oh Joy blog and Kate of Scathingly Brilliant who have done fun versions of their own.

Ok, so lets talk about the pieces of a winter outfit that most women look for every winter season, a sweater update, a fun transitional top, jeans you can tuck your boots into and new boots of course!

Cardigan: I'm always on the hunt for a long cardigan that is possibly a jewel tone and MUST HAVE POCKETS! This chevron striped cardigan from Target doesn't disappoint, it is a lovely deep teal color has an awesome chevron weave and pockets a win-win in my book and it's even on sale now

The transitional top: I often wear short sleeves or a tank top with a sweater when its not that cold out, I love a patterned top, because patterns make me happy and I feel like that they might camouflage my extra weight a little better, I could be delusional but who knows :P This purple patterned top is from Old Navy and would look fun with a cardigan.

Denim Jeggings: confession time.....I've been stuck in a yoga leggings rut since my surgery over a year ago, they are just so comfy and go with everything, that's kind of a cop out but I couldn't find anything resembling jeans that I liked especially since everything is going 70's inspired (high-waisted and flared leg) I still think there is a place for low rise skinny jeans and that is boot season! I found these at American Eagle their new collection is supposed to have superior stretch retention etc. They are even more on sale today than their normal sale of buy one/ get one 50% off
so if you've been thinking about it, now is the time to pounce!

Studded boots: Trying to find a cardigan with pockets is difficult, trying to find awesome boots with the right toe shape and not too much heel and some hardware to boot is nearly impossible. I have succeeded this season and you might laugh but easy spirit has some comfortable and cute shoes, including these boots which are now on sale!!!

So this was a fun post to do, I think I might do more in the future! What pieces are you looking to add to your winter wardrobe and what items are you really excited about?!

Happy Weekend to you!!!


Alicia Mackin said...

Oh I love long cardigans, I love how they can double as coats in more moderate weather. And I love Joy's blog so fun! Your illo is super cute. Keep up the good work!

Allie of

Laila said...

Your dogs! Waaaah so cute. Also I love studded boots and I agree, long cardigans are perfect for these chilly days :) xx



floating thru fields said...

Thanks so much girls!

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