Thursday, February 6, 2014

Show and Tell- Week 2

One of my goals for 2014 was to open a society6 shop and I last week I did :)
I was waiting to share because I was hoping to add more items but, as some of you know things sometimes take longer than you think ;)

 I'm kind of a sucker for mugs and I'm pretty excited that they have this customizable option. With a happy mug you have a happy day :)

Not to mention the tote bags

And everything looks better on canvas YAY :)

I think it is really cool to see your artwork in so many different forms, it's kind of addicting, so I'm excited to see how I can rise to the challenge to create work with a different final form in mind.
I'm already working on some ideas, but it's kinda hard to stay focused with personal projects for friends and loved ones and Valentine's day just around the corner.....I keep thinking of adorable little animals and stuff covered with hearts that I want to draw this week.

bashful skull

I've added my society6 shop link on the page but don't worry I have exciting plans for my etsy shop in the near future too. Launching my shop was my show and tell for last week my friend made a lamp shade out of fabric strips similar to this but with cuter fabric. I should have taken a picture last friday but I didn't I will be better prepared next week.  Jenn is also working on new quilt patterns so that is pretty exciting it's really fun to see how she interprets things completely differently than I do it makes me see things differently too. I'm really loving this show and tell and speaking of which I got to get started on this week! Happy Thursday!


Kyla said...

Congrats on the shop! I'm your newest follower :) The mug looks great! I have't ventured and used many of their customization options, but it must be great seeing your art on so many different items!

Alicia Mackin said...

Congratulations on this! I know I want to do this too and have a few designs done, but have a way to go.

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