Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall Fashion List: Moto Jacket

When mid August rolls around I start getting a bit giddy for Fall fashion season! I love darker colors and being able to wear jackets and scarfs and boots, which is kind of big deal after surviving the Texas heat. Every Fall, I get kinda obsessed with the idea of a moto jacket and then I never end up finding one, but this is going to be the year! The silhouette has been around awhile and I really like the different material options that are out there this season.

                Dressy & Edgy
This black  jacket is from Target! I like the lace overlay and sleeves it gives it a dressy feel but the zippers and cut are still edgy.

      Tough & Comfy
This jacket is from Gap, it looks kind of like a tweed but it's terrycloth like a sweatshirt. I like the contrast details.

Military details
This green and black one is from Target as well, it is a knit stretchy fabric. I love the hardware details and the epaulettes at the shoulder, I'm a sucker for military details.

tried and true
There's also something to be said for the tried and true approach, this leather one from asos has traditional stitching detail on the shoulders and angled side zippered pockets.

What fashion are you excited about for Fall?

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