Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 5 Random Smattering

I've been crazy busy this week, so of course I have not met my goals for myself. But I have time to tell you what I'm excited about this week :)

1. Chuck Close. I started writing a top 5 list of my favorite exhibits at the Modern and he is one of my favorites, and I started reading more about him and was even more inspired. He struggled with dyslexic and had trouble in school but applied himself in art. His parents got him sessions with a professional art teacher when he was 10 and even then he was extremely talented. He also has Prosopagnosia, which means he cannot recognize faces which is very interesting because all he paints is portraits. The biggest difficulty he has overcome is finding a way to paint again after he became paralyzed. Most of my favorite pieces of his are after he was paralyzed, I wonder if something happened to me would I still have the drive to create and make things?

working on a self portrait

2. Fuchsia accessories
I found some super cute slip ons  at where else Target, these are a similar style same color palette.
look at the cute owl print lining :)
I like to visit Dillards from time to time and look at all the new bags and wallets. I was looking for a cross body and I am quite disappointed with fossil.....$88 for coated canvas......plastic coated fabric please tell me you are joking?! On a side note can everyone please stop knocking off Orla Kiely already? I know she's expensive but her prints are what make her shiny logo hardware...anyway don't get me started on that.
I think Lucky Brand is really underrated, they have really cute vintage styling and use nice quality leather, I have been looking at their bags off and on for awhile. I almost bought a huge suede bag with western styling because it was on clearance but I successfully talked myself out of it :)
But not this time I went back on forth on this cute little crossbody it's kind of narrow at the top but I can still fit my fat old school wallet in there so I am quite pleased!

I know it looks a little cheesy but it's super cute in person, I will take photos soon. I ran into Marshall's after I bought it to see if I could find something cheaper, and they had the same bag for more than Dillard's! So word to the wise sometimes Dillards has good close outs.

3. Baking
I've gotten slightly back into the swing of things with baking and I'm excited to experiment and Gesine really gets me inspired. Her memoir is hilarious and includes recipes, and she's also
 Sandra Bullock's sister so that's kind of fun. I can't wait to try some more of her recipes out.
from her book sugar baby
4. Jason Mraz. What to say about Jason, he is one of my favorite artists. I've loved his music ever since Waiting for My Rocket to Come, and yes his single Remedy was great but I love all the other songs they never played on the radio. And yes I'm Yours is an awesome song, but that whole album is amazing. Not to mention he sings better many singers can you say that about these days?! and I'm finally, finally going to see him SATURDAY!! YAY

This is an old performance but I don't care, I still love it.

 5. August Movies!
The Bourne Legacy Yep I'm excited who doesn't like Jeremy Renner?

ParaNorman Yes I'm weird and think stop motion movies about kids that can see ghosts are cute, we'll see could go either way lol

Robert & Frank  Frank Langella gets a robot to help him in a jewelry heist.....interesting

Happy Friday to you


Anonymous said...

oh man. i second everything on your list. i think jeremy renner is underrated. i can't wait to hear what an amazing time you are gonna have at the JM concert!

michelle tree said...

Happy Friday to you too! Fuchsia is a great color :) This reminds that I've had a self-portrait backed up on my to-do list for a while now!

floating thru fields said...

I will definitely post about the concert and Michelle can't wait to see how your self portrait turns out

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