Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Theraputic Doodles

I was working on something and got stuck, so I went back to my go to doodle. You know that doodle that you draw when you're on the phone or supposed to be paying attention in meetings. I really needed a burst of color, it's amazing how color can lift the spirit :)
I'm working on some different painting styles too, hope to share those soon.

On a more fashion-y note when it starts getting hot, I start thinking about the perfect summer dress.

Lands' End has some fun silhouettes and prints, the really cute ones are $100 and you know with their quality you get what you pay for, so I might have to splurge.....eventually ;)


paper bird said...

Friend's weddings are the perfect excuse to buy a new dress for yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that doodle is sooo great! i love the colors its so happy and fun! i would put a large version of that up in my kitchen or next to my door!

floating thru fields said...

Yes that is definitely a great reason to buy a dress, and thanks for happy comment on the doodle :)

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