Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty in Punk

I've always liked cute clothes with punk influences, and I was quite smitten with this long sleeve tee, I saw at Target recently. Skulls have grown on me the past few seasons, especially when they are presented in a new fresh way. Also the ombre effect is cute, not to mention it's pink. I couldn't find a link online but's the LOL Vintage brand.

It definitely got me inspired. I really love flowers and want to get better at drawing them, so I think I'm going to work on that :)

Floral skull sketch

What did you think about the First Lady's wardrobe on Monday? I thought the coat was interesting by Thom Browne, the print was said to be inspired by a man's tie, accented with a J.Crew belt. I have never been a huge fan of jacquard, but I like that she makes interesting with the belt and pop color gloves.
 I got the first lady fashion pictures from here.

 I think her bangs are awesome and her red dress was pretty (again by Jason Wu)
I think I like the red dress better, the subtle print is fashion forward and elegant. Which is your  favorite?
Left 2012                  Right 2008

 I did a bunch of cleaning and organizing this weekend, and work is crazy busy. Needless to say I am brain dead, but I hope to have some more posts and new sketches this week. Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I love your floral skull!! :)

Benlovesting said...

So lovely!

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