Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jellyfish and Drawings

Last weekend, I didn't feel so well and didn't do much. The weather wasn't so great either, but I made the best of it. I got to give my friend, the cutest mug I have seen in quite a while! It is so perfect for her :)

 This is mug is part of a very cute collection of different animals and prints, see if you can find them at your Target, as they do not seem to be listed online.

I also had the best cinnamon rolls for dessert because they are just that good, yes they are from a can.

I have been working on my drawing, my goal for the month and here are few of them. I am working on some new ideas, that I'm pretty excited about and I think I might be in the mood to sew some creatures again soon.
peg leg pirate squirrel

happy little toucan

pretty in punk

31 days of drawing are almost up, and I'll admit I'm behind and trying to catch up. It has still be a fun process though. Hope your week is going well! Happy Tuesday!!


Introverted Art said...

the jelly fish mug is so adorable

Blythe said...

Cute drawings!


Magical Day Dream said...

Ahh these jellyfish mugs really are cute :)

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