Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Artsy Fun

I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to get my art appreciation in on my long weekend.
I was successful, I love going to museums and examining different techniques and viewpoints, it definitely recharges the batteries. I got to see Kaw's Companion one last time. I know some people think he's stuff is weird or not really "art" but I love his playful take on pop culture.
that's me in front of Companion

I also went to the Amon Carter to see the Phillips Collection. It was pretty cool, even better it was free! I loved the first painting in the exhibit, Time and Timelessness (The Spirit of Creation)
by Augustus Vincent Tack. It is a huge piece that greets you as you make your way to the exhibit.
It looks amazing in person this small picture does not do the colors justice. He was inspired by the colors of the Rocky Mountains for this piece.

see more here

I also love looking at art museum gift shops, so much cool stuff you never knew you needed. Like little pocket shaped note pads. These are cool because they are pocket shaped and the paper is textured. I like smaller drawing pads because I'm more likely to squirrel them away in my purse which means I can get to them anytime. I choose these notebooks to do my drawing a day in.
see more here
Another cool thing I saw was a toy similar to a Mr. Potato head, if Mr. Potato head was abstract sculpture! These little guys were so cute and can be arranged in a ton of different combinations.
I thought it was pretty cool thing, maybe I will experiment with sculpture some time soon.
see the whole collection here
Here's my first drawing of the new year, I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things, by sketching on a daily basis. I really want to focus on my technique and come up with some new fun characters. I've got a punk rawk mermaid, a birdie in a winter hat and scarf and some other random creatures. I'm off to work on my #2 drawing and some other stuff too. Happy Wednesday!

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Introverted Art said...

I love this little Mr. Potato head! So cool and so many possibilities.

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