Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is here

My extended mild Spring is officially gone, and has been replaced with humid and hot with a constant chance of stormy showers. But there are upsides to summertime.. even in Texas :)

Summer flowers for example, I love Zinnias they come in many different varieties and they are about the only bright and happy thing that can hold up to the summer heat. This pink one has extra large blooms, it's a Champagne Toast variety. I also love to plant Zinnia seeds and watch them come up, it's low maintenance favorite kind :)

Summer dressing is always a nice change, easy and breezy layers. It's too hot for skinny jeans now and I love how easy skirts and dresses can be. But finding a great summer dress that you can throw on and look great in is hard to find. I have started my search though, and can't wait to share more in some upcoming outfit posts. I did order this dress, on a whim this past weekend, mostly just to get free shipping on shoes lol. But it's really cute in person, I was pleasantly surprised. I love the color of the print, and the piping and pleating detail in the bodice. The back has elastic and a zipper closure, and the skirt flares out and is has a nice little twirl too it. But I'm still on the fence lol

                                       The pattern is brighter in person than on the website.

Summer movies are always highly anticipated but I really like movie marathons at home too. I got to hang out with a friend last week and we watched You've Got Mail and Silver Lining's Playbook, an old favorite and a new favorite. My friend is aware of my love for Anthropologie and she gave me the cutest mug ever! I love the cute little dachshunds :)

spots and stripes

cute little closeup

Summer baking is high on my list. I want to experiment with fresh berries and peaches and cobbler and tarts. I'm really excited about the possibilities and to use my fresh garden carrots in a carrot cake :)

a butterfly cherry pie from a few years ago

What are you excited about this summer?


Magical Day Dream said...

I wish the weather here would be good enough to wear a dress like that. Right now it is still quite cold, but it is getting better. Can't wait for summer pick nicks & swimming! :)



Laura said...

That butterfly pie looks fabulous! I'm looking forward to summer popsicles. xoxo

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