Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Local Inspiration

We had a nice break from the heat last week and I went down to Bishop Arts to eat on the patio at Cafe Brazil and enjoy the breezy day. I saw that my favorite gorilla was in the window at Ginger Fox Gallery. I have mentioned this gorilla before but this time I have a picture to share. I finally got a printed card of this happy painting too!

close up

I just love her use of color, the bright fuchsia and the stark contrast of the black fur with the bright yellow flower....it makes me happy. Her attention to detail is incredible.

At the Artisan Collective, I always drop in to see what's new and I was so excited to see that Manuel Sarmiento had some new pieces.

  I love his style and his long stick-like people, he also has some miniature chairs that remind of Tim Burton's style in a way. But his new pieces were playful metal ants that could be hung on a wall or I'm thinking my backyard fence, a perfect playful accent to my garden! I could not find pictures of his newer work, but here are some of his past works. He uses scrap metal and re-purposes it ways that are so unexpected. See more here

Of course I also had to make also make a trip to my favorite pie place. I've always loved their floral touches in their menu design and other pieces and I recently discovered who created their branding and website.
Such a great sense of style and use of color, great design makes me happy.

I keep the menu in my cube for happy inspiration

What are you inspired by lately?

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Laura said...

I can see why you like that gorilla so much! I love the yellow flower against the pink.

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