Monday, May 20, 2013

Fun Stuff

I had a fun weekend watched some movies and hung out with friends.
I watched one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes series, the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch, he plays the bad guy in the new star trek movie. I'm pretty excited to see it because of him.
I also found this awesome feature on the guys wardrobe on Gatsby, the costumer designer did a collaboration with Brooks Brothers.This is my inner fashion nerd coming out, I've always loved costume design.

I went to Target and I just happened to see this place mat on the summer end cap.
It was so happy and bright and adorable, it totally made my day. I'm kind of an octopus fan. There is a fun turtle print too.

I got to hang out with my friend yesterday, and she knows I love the bake and got me the cutest book!
I've seen it in the store before but I never would look at it, I thought it was all cupcakes, clearly if I had read the title I would have known better lol

It uses a lot of candy and pre-made items, but I think it really enhances the presentation of the baked goodness and they have colorful instruction pages and templates. I'm really excited to get started.

so cute!!!
 You should definitely check it out they have a lot of the book available to look at in the preview mode on Amazon.

We've been lucky to get another crop of broccoli before the weather gets too hot. It's so nice to have fresh veggies from the garden. They taste so tender and fresh! I forgot how quick and easy dinner is  when you're making veggies, just slice and steam. We've even got full size potatoes this season, I'm pretty excited that all our plants are doing well. It will be interesting to see how the green beans go....

Ok so that's all with me lately, I'm off to work on some drawing projects, Happy Tuesday to you :)


Deidre said...

That baking book is so sweet! How cute.

Magical Day Dream said...

Are those sheep made out of marshmallows? They look so funny!

floating thru fields said...

Yes, I think they are cupcakes with marshmallows :)

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