Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recharge

Even though it was rainy, cloudy and cold this weekend, I still managed to get outside and enjoy the cold weather.
I went to the Nasher and got to see the Ken Price exhibit, from the pictures and style I was assuming it was large sculptures made of out plastic or something, but I was amazed to learn it was ceramic.

This was my favorite piece, I love the color combination and texture, it kinda reminds me of something flower like.

I like the color combo on this too
His finishing technique is really interesting, he would paint multiple layers on and then sand them down to create and textured effect, it's really amazing to see in person, it's hard to wrap your brain around it. Even though I have worked a little with ceramics, I was baffled and intrigued.

Ken working with the clay
He started putting his own spin on a more traditional vessel, and created a very large series of cups.
I really like the ones with animal touches. This was a retrospective exhibit, I always love to see how people start out and grow as artist, how one idea transforms into another. Like for example one of his earlier cups was one with a snail, and then later his style became more geometric and rigid with bright colors and angles.

I always love being immersed in other people's work, it gives me hope and motivation to keep pursuing and what's important to me.

I wish my backyard was this awesome. All lush and green with big trees and sculptures, it's so calm and relaxing out there. I love it :)

We decided to go to the new park that recently open, it's built over a large highway, and there was food trucks! Even though it was cold, we decided to get ice cream sandwiches from Cool Haus.

double chocolate cookie with vanilla bean ice cream  

Then I went over to the DMA to take pictures of my favorite part of the museum, the glass sculpture installation that's arranged in the front window, it looks like Chihuly but I'm not sure.

love the colors

In short, I had a great weekend and got my batteries recharged. What's your favorite weekend activity to get your batteries recharged? Happy Monday to you!


Kyla said...

Those sculptures are amazing! I have not heard of Ken's work before, thanks for sharing!

welovefur said...

These are beautiful sculptures

Anonymous said...

I love those ceramics. Does he glaze them once at the end or multiple times??
Also I'm not sure who did that glass piece, but I was told once by a professor of mine at UTD that a (rich) girl wanted to get married at the museum and her father persuaded the museum to allow it by commissioning that piece as decor for the ceremony with the stipulation that it would be donated to the museum afterward. Crazy, right?

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