Wednesday, March 20, 2013

pretty in purple

Purple is my favorite color, but I like it paired with other colors too. For example the pattern in this Anthropologie blouse, that I mentioned previously.

I love the water color feel of the pattern and the awesome embroidery panel

I paired the top with my Target Mossimo skinny jeans in dark purple. Similar colors here

Also while shopping for flip flops this weekend, I was easily sidetracked and ended up looking at sneakers, and I fell in love with these
in purple of course
Woven sneakers?! How cool is that? I thought it very unique, so after reading some good reviews I ordered them. I got them today. I didn't really like them. Woven indeed... the shoe doesn't really give, and the shoe as a whole doesn't bend as much as the Nike Free, so I'm going to return them.

The Free on the other hand, is so comfortable it feels like you are walking on a cloud, or in super comfy house shoes. I love them, if you're gonna spend serious money on sneakers I would highly recommend these.

And on a fashion side note, how do you feel about sneaker wedges?
I like that Nike has taken a retro approach.
Two tone

Slight Pattern

 I think I kinda like the idea of it just because it's a more trendy interpretation of a sneaker, and I live in sneakers. I haven't tried a pair on yet though. What do you think? Do you have a pair?

Happy Wednesday!


Kyla said...

What a beautiful blouse! I agree, I love wearing purple.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

I love that print - the purple is great! And al the shoes are so fun, I haven't worn my nikes with anyhtign but my running stuff

Magical Day Dream said...

I never really liked the colour purple on me, but ever since I have red hair I feel like that has changed. Maybe I should wear it more often. Also, if you did find time and are planning to share your drawings I would love to add a link on my blog in my drawing prompts post, but of course only if you would like that.

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