Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

This week was pretty busy, crazy and difficult. You know when sometimes situations aren't so great and you're frustrated and then it gets incredibly worse, and you think to yourself, "Wow, I guess things were not so bad before." That's where I'm at this weekend, it's been a struggle to focus on the positives but I managed to stay productive.

 I watched a food documentary, Step Up to the Plate, about French chef Michel Bras passing his restaurant down to his son. The restaurant is in the French country side but it's a very modern building and so is their approach to food. I'm really interested in chef's techniques and the cinematography in this film is amazing. The country side is so beautiful and it's entertaining to hear their story and watch them create.

I started reading Mindy Kaling's book. Her show has become my new favorite on Tuesdays. If you are familiar with her at all and like her work, I think you would probably like this book, her language is a little more colorful than on tv, but her take on things is pretty hilarious.

I've been trying to get back into painting, I bought some smaller canvases, I thought maybe I could do a series.  Here's the first one :)

Since I am a bit of a computer nerd, I was pretty excited to experiment with the new pattern tool in Adobe Illustrator CS6, for anyone that does graphic work this tool is a game changer! Basically before you had to draw the pattern piece once or enough for a repeat them build the pattern and duplicate it, it's hard to get sprawling patterns to match up, but this handy tool does it for you.
This makes me so happy!!

 I see Spoonflower fabrics in my near future! Here's some patterns I've been playing with.
Happy birdies and flowers I'm kinda obsessed with gray and navy mixed with pastel colors.

Earlier this week, I attempted to make a key lime pie, I used the wrong kind of milk, sweeten condensed is what you need, I was quite dejected. I really wanted pie, so I decided to correct my mistake and try again, with farm fresh eggs, I plan to have some for breakfast YAY!

So yeah, things could be better, and sometimes I feel like wallowing but getting things done is so rewarding. I'm going to keep focusing on the positive and start baking and creating more often.
How was your weekend?


Magical Day Dream said...

Now I want lime pie too! haha, looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Your pie looks delectable!!!

Anonymous said...

Spring time Bunny !!!

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