Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Inspiration

Lately, I'm really loving acrylic paper, it's so textured it absorbs markers and pencils so well. It's so fun mixing and blending colors on it. I've been experiment with different concepts, and I think I'm gonna stay away from computer aided drawing for a while. I have been day dreaming about mischievous wild hair bunnies for a little while now. Going on adventures and possibly getting into trouble....
of course he's blue

Some of my favorite artists have come out with some new creations and I couldn't be happier!
I love Kelli Murray's girl and animal illustrations but her new flower series is also beautiful and captivating, I'm always a sucker for pretty flowers.
wildflowers print

Also Flor Panichelli of Sweet Bestiary makes the most wonderfully imaginative creatures. And now she's making jewelry too!

Amy is just adorable

I love the amazing detail she gives to her creations, from the faces to the outfits, it's really inspiring.
I'd like to experiment with paper clay. Her jewelry is really pretty too, I love her floral motifs :)

I think my favorite is the top right circle shaped one

 Lily Pulitzer an icon of the fashion world passed away this week. I did not know how she got started in the business. I love to hear the story of how people started their business, sometimes it's to fix a problem and then it morphs into something else entirely. Like Lily's story, she started a juice stand and needed a way to cover up the juice stains on her dress, so she had one made in a brightly colored print. Now those bright prints are synonymous with sophisticated summer style. Her classmate Jackie Kennedy wore one of her first dresses (made of curtain material) and everyone had to have one and her dress business began.
From covering up juice stains to creating your own clothing label it's pretty inspiring.

when I think of Lily I think if Fucshia and Green

 They have a shop by print feature....that's pretty cool!

I love the little swatches of the prints

What has been inspiring you this Spring? Any new project ideas?
 Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


Kyla said...

Loving the Spring inspiration here! I've been totally obsessed with florals lately.

Introverted Art said...

So adorable!!!!!

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