Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target Review

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, being sick has had me doing a whole lot of nothing this week. Here is my review of the Prabal Gurung collection for Target.
I mentioned in previous post, that I ordered everything online, and didn't shop the stores, usually with the designer collaborations, I hop from store to store to see if they have something different, as the one by my house is often picked over. So I saved myself the hassle, I like to try things on at home anyway.

This first thing I tried on was this long sleeve top, I wasn't overly impressed with it online but thought the print was fun so I ordered it just to see. I was pleasantly surprised the fabric was really soft, a cotton blend and I really like how the pattern continues of the back of the shirt. It's moderately priced at $20.00. I think this might be the only piece I end up keeping.

back view of print

I really liked the black and white floral print. I thought this top would be cute. I like the geo shapes.
I ordered it maybe too big, in the past my experience has been that these collections are sized small, though this one seems true to size. I wasn't really happy overall with this top but it looks cute on the model lol.

I thought my favorite piece would be this cardigan with the same floral print, although it seemed really long. The button placket was lined for wear and tear which I thought was a nice touch but the buttons were really boring. Yes, I know I'm being picky. And it was kind of see throught notice my pink top showing through at the top of the cardigan? I was sad this piece didn't work out.

On to the dresses, I'm always a sucker for dresses, though I rarely wear them....I ordered the brightly colored mirrored pattern one, and to my surprise it was a knit t-shirt material. The skirt is a polyester material and has a cute little swing to it.

I kinda liked it although the drop waist kinda made it feel a bit like a muumuu. I'm sure it would very cute on smaller girls ;) 

The last dress, I thought or hoped rather, would be a knit material but alas it is made of polyester which I do not wear because it doesn't breathe and doesn't really feel like wearable, comfortable fabric in my opinion ;)

It kind of reminded me of a retro flight attendant outfit or something however weird that sounds.

So yeah, overall I was impressed with the collection because the variety of materials was better than in previous collections and the prints and shapes are fun, I'm just not sure they are for me.
PG does have some more subtle offerings in two tone tops and sweaters for those who are not into the prints, and from what I hear a lot of people are liking the shoes.

A more subtle look

So what did you think of the collection? Did you buy anything you love?
Between the picture taking and trying on these clothes, I've decided I really need to try to go vegetarian again or at the very least cut out all fast food except Chipotle lol

I almost done with two sewing projects, and I'm officially over my desire to sew for now, which is good because a couple new drawing ideas are wanting to come out and play.

Hope to have more soon :)


Anonymous said...

I can see the flight attendant thing. Your hair looks great, btw - that was the first thing I thought when I saw the first picture. I am not a huge fan of giant prints since they can be a little unflattering on anyone who weighs more than 90 pounds.
It feels like I haven't shopped in forever since we are saving like crazy for our house.

floating thru fields said...

Ha thanks I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing a flight attendant vibe ;)
you should make some more cute dresses that one turned out so well :)

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