Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top 5: November is here

 Random things I want to share. Here's what I've been up to lately

1. It's not often I find jewelry I like, I'm always looking though. When I found this necklace it was love at first sight and I bought it right then! Which is a big deal for me since I am a chronic window shopper and returner ;)
I found out about this cool site from one of my favorite blogs, Oh Joy!

it's purple :)

2. I have been reading a really great book, the Happiness Project. Basically the author makes a to do list for each month, goals she wants to accomplish and talks about how that process goes. It's really encouraging, she's not a self help guru or anything just a writer trying an experiment trying to savor the little things, and enjoy her family. Take time to do things she's interested in that she has not always make time for. It does seem a little daunting when you look at it as a whole process but piece by piece, it's just being proactive and disciplined to go after the things you want  and to actively choose happiness even when it's not easy. I'm going to start working on my own to do list this weekend.
look how cute this cover is from the version published in Korea

 3. Making bunting banners. I thought these were cute at first  but then they started getting  super trendy and it was enough already.
But I made one the other day for the first time out of different kinds of paper and it turned out really cute. Usually when I work on drawings or sewing I don't get done in one sitting so this little craft was very satisfying indeed. I decided to try to make one next on the computer, I used the floral pattern I drew in Illustrator .Then I made a triangle shape laid out enough pieces for the words I wanted, I used a large white font so the words would pop against the dark purple color, printed it on a 11x17 sheet of paper. I cut and punched and strung and ta da project completed.

4. Wreck it Ralph and other Fall movies. Now that it's November (how did that happen?) all the good Fall movies are coming out, there's so many I'm excited to see like James Bond, the Lincoln one, just to name a few. But this weekend I hope to see Ralph, I'm so excited :)

too cute

5. Planning for the holidays and new items for my shop. It's always fun to play with ideas
winter birdy sketch

Welcome November, I'm ready for my favorite time of year :)


Yanira Michelle said...

I really want to see Wreck-it Ralph! That girl is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your bunting is so cute!! And I love that necklace - purple looks great with your skin tone.
I gotta say I didn't think Wreck It Ralph looked that good :-/ but hopefully I'm wrong. I do really want to see Lincoln. And you know I am gonna go see Twilight this month ;)

floating thru fields said...

Wreck it Ralph was cute in the way that it mixed different genres of video games and the misfits banding together, but not as good as toy story or anything lol. Thanks for all the compliments you're so sweet :)

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