Saturday, December 6, 2014

new items in my society6 shop

I'm so excited to finally have this done!!! I haven't drawn since the last time I posted work has been so busy and I've been too tired to do anything but I managed to get this done so I feel like my normal self again :)
click the link on the right side of my blog for more items :)

I also turned 30 between my last post and this post so that's exciting I guess. Oh to have a birthday that's not in the same month as a holiday. Oh well I'm trying to enjoy the rest of the holiday season. What are you up to? Working on any fun projects? I completed a successful DIY project, more on that later. I think my new favorite medium is Sculpey oven bake clay.......I'm thinking about all the endless possibilities :)


jessica // creative index said...

hahah! so cute! and i love her little bow too!

i love sculpey clay! i'be been wanting to make a paw print ornament, so i need to get on that before Christmas is over with! haha

Hope you had a great birthday! I'm turning 30 this Summer! :-/

Alicia Mackin said...

Oh this illo turned out great and looks so good on all these items, especially the iPhone case. And happy 30th!!

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Kerry said...

ADORABLE - love their holiday sweaters!

floating thru fields said...

thanks girls :)

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