Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall update!

Well I’m doing really bad on the whole “sticking to a schedule” thing
The pups are my day to day focus and have grown leaps and bounds!

They didn’t enjoy their Halloween hot dog costume too much but did enjoy chewing on pumpkin stems ;)

As far as projects go I was able to do a fun new drawing of one of my favorite movies of all time
Nightmare Before Christmas!
see more here

  Society6 has so many fun products that lend themselves to prints now (like the all over print t shirts, leggings, travel mugs and blanket throws!!!) how can you not want to design prints all the time! I kinda want one of those blanket throws for Christmas :)
see more here

I’ve been working on a custom elephant order as well! I designed this little guy for a baby shower and he’s been quite popular. I love a cute little elephant :) Getting my projects done during nap time of course ;)

I can’t believe it’s already November and summer is officially gone in Texas, it always drags it’s feet and then in warp speed (always right around Halloween it never fails) one rainy weekend we transfer to Fall just like that! I’m so ready for scarfs, sweaters and boots. I’m so excited in fact that I’m going to do a fashion post!

And Fall movies I’m excited for those too! Just saw Bridge of Spies this past weekend (it was awesome, who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?) and the new Bond movie comes out Friday!! Wahoo!

Well that’s all for now! How was everyone’s October? What are you excited for this Winter season?


Alicia Mackin said...

OMG the puppies are soooooo cute, lucky you!! And loving the new prints.


Laila said...

Oh my goodness.. they are just adorable!!! I could look at pictures of these puppies all day. Also, love the Nightmare Before Christmas prints - great work! XXX

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