Thursday, November 21, 2013

Top 5

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I am very excited about spending time with my family, making delicious food and reflecting on all of our blessings this year.

I'm really trying to be intentional and take time to enjoy this holiday season and my birthday all rolled into one. Here are some things I am really excited about right now

1. Christmas Tree banner from Sew Caroline. I have previously mentioned my love for banners and how they add a festive touch to celebrations. Well Caroline has come up with a simply adorable Christmas tree banner, it's really got me thinking about banners for all seasons!

see more from sew caroline

2. Hunger Games Sesame Street Spoof. As you might know Catching Fire is in theaters starting to celebrate lets watch this hilarious Sesame Street spoof! I think my favorite part is that Peeta is actually Pita bread in this version.

3. Andrew Bird's New Album: I Want to See Pulaski at Night
Um yeah......I pretty much want to listen to this non stop... all the songs are awesome and the instrumental songs would be the perfect Wes Anderson movie soundtrack.......just sayin :)

4. baby and dog nap time pictures.......yeah everyone has seen them by now but they are just so darn cute let's look at them again :)

from mommas gone city

5. latest fabric love and cabbage rose find.......I'm thinking of making a spring dress

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Alicia Mackin said...

Yes banners/garland are such creative way to decorate for the holidays. And love the pix with the puppy my kitty sleeps with me every night.

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