Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkins, Bunnies and Fashion Tidbits

I just can't seem to catch a break this month, but I'm going to keep on trying to make time for the things that make me happy. Like making new animal creatures. Even though it was 90 freaking degrees last weekend. I'm excited to share my awesome pumpkins with you.

Yes, I also got a scarecrow
I love the variation in color and texture

Now this next one is my pride and joy. Last year I saw this variation for the
first time at my local produce store. They were HUGE probably at least $30 per pumpkin, it was the prettiest pumpkin I had ever seen. I love the pattern of orange fading into green. I've never been enamored with a gourd before but it was definitely love at first sight.
 I spend a lot of time creating computer generated patterns for work, and it's such an inspiration to see this beautiful pattern exist in nature. Of course I couldn't justify spending more than $30 on a pumpkin last year and this year this variety seemed no where to be found, but I did finally find one.

Isn't it just awesome?!

This variety's name is one too many because apparently the stripes and pattern on the white background look like bloodshot eyes, the same look when you've had one too many, but I still think it's beautiful.

Lately I am revisiting my interest in drawing bunnies, I made a bunny birthday card for one of my friends, complete with little fat bunny cake topper. I think it would look too cute in a plush form, we will see how that goes.
disco dancing bunny 

big bunny ears + chubby hamster like body = cuteness

Also I was kinda disappointed with the Neiman Marcus + Target Collaboration. Some of the stuff was cute, the little girl dresses especially, but so much of it would not make a great present in my opinion. I know why they did it so their bread and butter pieces (what each designer is known for) would not be threatened. Why would people who can afford to shop at Neiman Marcus want a cheaper version when they can buy the real thing? I get it, all I'm saying who thought Oscar De La Renta's talent was best showcased in dog accessories? You can see the collection here

In more fun Target collaboration news, Prabal Gurung (who's also apart of Neiman's collaboration), is doing his own apparel and shoes to debut early next year.

one of his pieces from the S/S 12 collection

 His combination of bright colors and futuristic patterns is quite a feast for the eyes. I am very interested to see what all he comes up with.
See first tidbit here and everything else great about Target here.

Hope to post more this week :)


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of being "enamored with a gourd"! That one is lovely. I wish we had any sort of outdoor space to decorate for Fall :( Love your scarecrow, too.

Yanira Michelle said...

I love the different pumpkins!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Pumpkins - crazy awesome! Disco bunny - fabulous!

floating thru fields said...

thanks guys :)

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