Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local love- Bishop Arts District

I wanted to share my latest trip to Bishop Arts District this past weekend. I love all the cool eclectic shops and fun places to current favorite is Bolsa. Their menu centers around local and fresh ingredients. I really love their pulled pork BBQ sandwich, they make their own horsey pickles and they are amazing! I plan to try their flat bread and bruschetta tasting sometime soon.
I also love Dude, Sweet Chocolate, they have very interesting dark chocolate offerings, and if you aren't sure about something they let you try samples in their fun little store. The staff is really nice and helpful. Last time I got to try tub of love and crack in a box which were delicious but I went with my old standby FM1410-2 pickled and smoked tomato jam soft chocolate toffee. I know it sounds weird but it has very subtle flavors it's sweet and a little bit spicy it has bits of jalapenos too. 
I love their packaging

I love looking around at the Artisian Collective, and seeing what new art is in the gallery. I was quite smitten with Brice McCasland's bird paintings. I can't find the ones I saw there but this gives you an idea.
I love his attention to detail
And last but not least. There is an awesome florist called Dirt. I'm sucker for pretty design, I love their logo almost as much as their arrangements. They do traditional flower arrangements but I really love their succulents, and after a couple years of drooling over them I made my first purchase.
It's a string of pearls succulent and you only have to water it once a month. That's my kind of low maintenance plant :)
Look how cute it is
 They also had beautiful pink peonies that smelled amazing and were literally the size of a baby's head. I would of bought some if I was going straight home. But there's always next time, I've got my eye on a couple more succulents that I'm super excited about.

So in short if you are looking for a fun place to explore you should take a trip down to Bishop.

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